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Hi this is tony. Auto and welcome to bite here on the sf t. podcast network and so parenting an apocalypse. It's it's not the same way that we would do. You know how it works. Any views usually two to four minutes long but sometimes they can be a little longer. When you when you live long enough. All kinds of strange things happen very right in saying that. The greek heroes. Where the original superheroes in part because of the hopeful nature of genes vision but also because of its message of diversity and inclusion matthew. Jensen is director of photography for the. I wonder woman film. And also a game of thrones first of all congratulations on one. Thank you she was. I've known this character a long time. Yeah i'm a little older than most folks doing this. So i kind of seen her evolved into comics. And everything and i thought she was caught on great. I'm glad to hear that your job i mean. I've always followed great director photography. I've always appreciated their word. Basically you're painting. Yes yeah. I like to think about it that way. Yeah absolutely and let's talk about wonder woman and the and and what you did like if you look at each segment of the film. They're all different skara. What was your approach. I i liked almost mythical quality the way you looked at it was really beautiful. Thank you the major idea. That was driving The look of the movie was that we wanted to to get contrast diana's homeland with Which is paradise to the mechanized world of man and and it and how brutal it was So that was sort of gave us a roadmap or how to present the two environments so famous kira really was about we. We wanted to create This island of gronzy beautiful specimens athletics specimens and we want you to feel the sun and the health of the of the amazons and then also emphasize the rich greens and the science blues of the water. And and so we were. We were constantly trying to present a full color palette but then emphasize kind of these these very natural colors to make them pop was. You're a little different shading when the germans invaded scare. Did you kind of do things a little differently to kind of show there for boating them coming. Not necessarily i think or whatever sort of variations. We got there was mainly due to the the weather conditions. You know so yeah. That's that's mainly it now. We were trying to present a cohesive world and that they were just in bagels. What i like the like the way you laid the battle scenes know world war one. It just emphasize drama in pesos of the situation and really emphasized her moral center which i totally adored about this character and the way it was presented. I never thought i'd ever see that wonder woman. I'm really glad to patty with that direction. The battle scenes almost looked like documentary. Like is really you kind of gray things. Down a little bit Almost devoid of color at times while we wanted a full color palette with mistero. We've wanted a more limited color palette in london and in on the front in belgium so we placed heavy emphasis on san and blues and then the wardrobe at that point Is much more what you'd call stock world war one outfit. So it's a lot of earth tones browns and grays and blacks and greens. And so you're just not seeing the variety of color. I was emphasizing the the blue In the overcast lights and that kind of thing and we were also upping the contrast a little bit there. There were burning coal and so that at that time. And that's that's what's in the atmosphere so we wanted to give a little a lot of the reference photos that we were looking at literally like they're almost black and black and white when they're they're depicting that that time period again. We wanted to you to feel that. And they're to be a sense of naturalism and then for it. To contrast with wonder woman's outfit you know when she walks out of the trench to have that red and yellow emphasized And pop when you've got the rest of the environment sort of trampled on individuals thousand great team. Look for both wonder woman. And a game of thrones on. Hbo max her bite. This is tony lana..

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