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Nfl demarco murray announced his retirement the thirty year old running back said he's retiring from the nfl after seven years we look up demarco murray his career here at pro football reference let me put his career in perspective for you demarco murray dallas came in in two thousand eleven he was a third round selection hetty incredible two thousand fourteen waiver eighteen hundred yards i remember that year then he went to the eagles the next year they didn't like didn't really do much it's seven hundred yards that year then he moved on to tennessee where he had a very good twenty sixteen and a subpar twenty seventeen at least by yardage standards played in the league for seven years head over seven thousand yards nice career forty nine touchdowns averaged four and a half yards a carry that's nice he also had three hundred catches for two thousand one hundred and sixty five yards so we add it up demarco murray at close to ten thousand yards ninety two thousand three hundred yards from scrimmage and i want to see where that ranks him and let's see where they say he is according to you know who is career mirrors she go to this if you go to pro football reference you can always look at somebody's career and it kind of gives you a comparison at that point in their career who they are closely aligned with and who they are very much similar to in their career i don't see that here with demarco murray maybe we're not looking the right spot i don't see it but i do wanna look at his rushing yards and active right now he is the ninth active rusher in the in the league derek kramer how many of the top eight above demarco murray can you name career right now active rushers in the nfl active active rushers guys who are not officially retired okay so that's a nice little because i had to say that for a reason jamaal charles yes he's number seven very good yeah those like i took that hint as okay mall charles is probably one of the he wasn't the guy was thinking of for that hint okay interest and other guy just mentioned a little while ago if the bills needed somebody this is what happens when you take calls and you can't it's okay so who do you think let's let's give me the give me more who top rushing active rushing leaders demarco murray is nine although.

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