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Box fan. I am a box fan. Very excited about tonight's game What a game game. Seven was mom. Amazing and i was so sure. It was going to end in heartbreaking. I i did think durant. It hit the three pointer to stick the one but Yeah that that we came back in one. That and i'm saying we know i'm not the thirteenth man But yet it does feel that way considering a been cheering for the team since I was a kid i think. One of the last game seven playoff series we won. I think was like beating the sixers when i was in high school with like dr j. So wow day. Seven playoff history yet. Jack ma sydney moncrieff terry cummings parring gronkowski. Yes what bukowski was a little later. Paul mccaskey you. Our coalition center of of choice. I'm but yet it's been a pretty tough run as a milwaukee box fan over the years. Some maybe maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel this year. Just maybe that'll be really cool. I can't even imagine if you were a die-hard bucks fan what that journeys lake and then to see. If they could win a championship. It would be probably pretty incredible would be pretty cool. Good luck man. Good luck close to what. It's like to be in new york mets fan. I mean you like everybody else. You know they went with. The yankee went to the world series. Four or five years ago though they went to the world series in two thousand. I guess it's fair. Yeah all right. Best comparison look the mets. Are new york you know. And it's and you've got all these other we all milwaukee probably a lot of sports teams to root for but you do have a lot of other teams to root for but nobody. Nobody pays attention to the milwaukee bucks. Good for them go bucks. I'm all in hate the hawks to all right so anyway. The series playoffs right hoops ray. Young took the heart out of your chest ridiculous. Who sneak into that top five. Who's got some sleeper appeal. Pat what do you think.

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