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I can't vote that would be a thing or they don't play veto or that would be another huge <hes> change in the week because that would mean that tommy might not have the votes to send home every once. We don't know what this punishment is so yeah but given how many punishments they've been giving and how much they've been like spotlighting them on the show. It's probably just like a costume or something. They need something to kinda. Fill up thursday. Probably i guess to kind of finish. The speculation with this is your prediction also jackson christie and a third person ninety. That'd be my guess though yeah. I guess i'm feeling the same. She's a matter of who's going to be the third or were right at it. Is those two advert. I honestly it could be it could be cliff it. Could it could be holly could be. I think it could be any of those four. I'm not i feel like nick probably not i feel like honestly probably not even say like she's on a lower tier. Maybe nicole maybe kat. Maybe cats a little higher than nicole cats. I think anybody that's a big figure on the show has a lot more likelihood than anybody. That's not on the show much yeah and like as much i think just as a non-factor but also just was h. O. h. all week and here again. This is hoping that the casuals do not mess up and you know just do random things but the understand the rules. The thing about jess is that i feel like even though she was in the spotlight last week she was in spotlight as the h. and so i feel like anybody anybody that wanted to vote her into give her safety would be like what she's she doesn't need <hes>. I see yeah if you're already not understanding it enough like i feel like that's probably going to tie in you know so i feel like probably not just personally but it's rampant speculation at this point <hes> that's what we have here anything else you wanted to bring. No i just i would like to acknowledge that in the midst of all this stuff the one person we didn't bring up at all was holly all these continuing to do a really good job of chile. The only time holly's name really came up when maki said if you're gonna put me just put me up next to all i asked this. This is a big week for holly as well talking about make or break moments here if she is able to get cliff out this week and keep cat. Then holly isn't a dominant position in this game. That's fantastic for her. Cliff was the one obstacle in her way of like just total domination in this game game based on positioning and who she has his allies she has cat as a shield and a weapon that she uses. She got jackson as a shield and a weapon. She'll be able to stay in good with tommy and their crew crew. She'll be able to continue to use as a bridge to pull in jess and nicole who no longer have somebody to like be a voice of reason to help them out like nicole is going to be by herself at that point with with jess who is very much going to do. It cat says he's going to do what holly says and so that'd be very good for holly. If holly loses this cat then her position weakens and she is still in a pretty good spot but not nearly as dominant so this is a big big vote for for holly this week yeah another thing that would be fun to ask you. This is i think i think it was a little bit of a factory. -ality tommy i mean one in after the week we had and that will splinter that happened but at the same time given that it's interesting what he's thinking and the field trips or nominee the i think this still has a potential that the fun week charity house goes all right so that's what we have here. Thank you so much for joining us. I mentioned my my twitter dream. We were in the last night. Had a lot of fun makes you tune in their twitch dot tv slash taryn armstrong. You.

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