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You just met the the bright for the for the lockdown woman for all finished that bright did him good when the kind butler managed to get the job done and that was all she many miles and that if we can just go and she's made a mistake obviously in forgot why she was. I think all these lockdowns switching off from the normal world as we know he is is affecting people's concentration julissa. Say the wrong thing. Sometimes she just said when my mice might when a chelsea the other day yesterday she just said the straight one in the fight against living and she said that he'd be happy with the free points. Which obviously you know. He's a funny average. Some genuine steichen interesting getting abuse on a long. You know it's not fair. That's nicer full funds. Start with the things that light. Perhaps i should stockton soldier before. 'cause usually stop and think and read it again and then on the other kinds of what i'm saying. What wound up about some. I'll just post it and then to lot put me down on quite wrong is we can all get it wrong from time to your because from time to time i and Just because you get it wrong doesn't mean to say that you're a note This just makes so. You might have error cushy blue sherman through. I'll just wanted to mention it because you've been getting a lot of unfair criticism lightly. Yeah it's been naievety as well because she hasn't been that long man. I say none experience into a few years ago after the also in the champions league and came across pitch. Perfect alfred hitchcock. She knew autobahn session. New adds to handle the media. It's talk to people. She was very Kalisa been what she was saying. You know i've got. I've got a statement from ricky. It's just as well don't so he's just messaged to had a bereavement a teacher and he's been offered offering pasta county. They said he will come next week and is offered his apologies all all show to the show and listeners. Rookie my friend. You do not need to apologize because what these things that can happen in a split second. I end you crack onto your job. My friend this deep discipline. I need right now. Football second up serbian absolutely. Yeah yeah yeah. Pete's is just on the day we just want to say police progression off the start of the season the the expectation and the hope shallow size while for for for good season much season. The you i mean we would have been over the moon. We're gonna tend to eleven. Finish what we did so robby campaign and expecting to be at least the level that goddess goes to and it just doesn't happen he just does not as as cranky had the resources i mean. He wasn't really had a lot supply with not. Or maybe you could. You have tony bets with. He's been given also if you look at the situation guys. Grandpa hasn't had a crowd. It isn't that we're about a good dot com. Make a difference definitely. I think. I think we cried against preston could just wide. That could have to put the game. You know oh yeah yeah..

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