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Pressure temperature analytics much more optimizing processes inefficiency safety and environmental impact and while they serve many industries across the globe. They have a special focus. In all aghast anderson hauser people for process automation. And you can check out anderson houser at a trade show near you this fall. Maybe by the time you're listening to this may be going on or may have already been completed but there's the downstream usa twenty twenty one conference this being held in houston october. The twenty first and twenty second then there will be the automation fair also in houston texas on november the tenth and the eleventh and for information about that will post links to those two shows in the shadows today. I'm very excited to have on the program with brian man ryan. Thanks for coming on the show today. Thank you very much russell. For having me. I appreciate it. Let's get right into as to why i ask you to come on the show today. Well first of all you've been in oil and gas industry. I think for thirty years now of focused on various different land administration land management systems. I believe your energy software consultant right. Yeah that's correct so. Currently i'm a manager and product expert at quorum software or all over the world. But i'm here in our houston office. And i've been in history like you said for quite a while it's been about thirty years. Focus on land administration and land management system. So depending on whether i was on a business side or software side so much of that time about eighteen years of it i was in ohio. Napa late you working with some oil and gas companies out there and then pass twelve years here in houston and so of that time. Twenty years was on the business side working with some larger independent impedes like resources and apache and then ten years i was doing software consulting so for two companies pete to energy and currently with corm software. So in that time. I've kind of been. I also have my own little social group. Pre it just organized. A small gathering energy influencers called.

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