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Worked out? Now. Right side illegal happened, just say, no collusion. No obstruction. Are you going to be a little play? Is it just like when you say in hammer, you might be able to answer this when mobile gaming, am I only going to be able to do sports betting on my phone or can I play black Jack on my phone? I'm going to be a play video poker on my phone. Or is it just pure just sports is like parlays stuff like that. Okay. Gonna lose my life savings. Now camera will be telling me who to bet on each week. But I'm excited. Let's do it. I believe the last bet I made for you. You came home a winner. And I didn't get thank you know, you only lost one hundred fifty dollars overall on that trip to Vegas. What a patron? Saint rub KENDALL. Joining us here on the hammer and Nigel show. Speaking of sports, you had your panties in a wad the other day about Jim Irsay, buying the piano that the Beatles used what's your problem? I'm just terrible human being for carrying about people's tax dollars, and extortion and everything comes down to tax dollars, doesn't it? We went to war over at what you're talking. Of course, it all comes down to tax dollars. I could go to the store and buy a beer, and you tied into somehow you're being screwed as a tax payer. I'm sorry. We founded our country based on fair taxation, pardon me for trying to stay true. What's your beef with Jim? Or like, I got no beef with Jim say inheriting a team from his daddy. Doing nothing to earn. It. I got no p with that. Every against the inheritance tax. I think that's great. The problem is when you come to me a poor middle class to middle class person saying I need your tax dollars to fund my stadium. And then you're out spending seven.

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