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Iheartmedia as well as in southern california on. Abc news talk. Hey junior happy. Thursday happy thursday and i also got to say happy birthday to my daughter. Ella she turns eleven today so happy. Birthday l. on that's so sweet. I always say happy birthday to him on the radio every year since every year. Ever since i've been born. Yeah so then. I'll pull the clip and i've saved before. I need to start doing that. I never i mean. I have a couple of times. Maybe but i don't know that's a that's a great tradition. It is And your girls are. Are they the apple of your eye. They are they are. I mean i. I always want a boy but i would not trade being a girl dad for nothing like i i love. I love the girl that it's fun. Yeah yeah no it is. And i've most girls love their dads more than anything. Any man on earth and always will Which is which is wonderful so it should be It's such a great day today. We've got a great show coming up. We've got cindy mira with she's from australia. It's four o'clock in the morning there and let me introduce her cyndi. O'meara are you there. good morning. Good morning four. Am and thank you for getting up so early and and educating our listeners. I know it's going to be a great show you guys. She is a wealth of information. A let me introduce her. So cindy is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist author and documentary maker She is the founder of changing habits. Which is an educational health nutritious nutrition business in twenty sixteen. She created the documentary. What's with weight exposing how. Modern agriculture practices of wheat growing has produced a product. That makes people. I would just say sick sick. And more susceptible to disease Cindy authored and self published the book. I've got it here with me Changing habits changing lives as well as her recently released book lab to table. Such a pleasure to have you with us today. Cindy thanks for jumping on with us. Thank you both of you. Yeah and Junior do you wanna tell cindy about the music. Oh yeah. I found music. Today is going to be all Artists from australia. I was able to find an enough of music from from australia. Yeah so we're going to music from different artists from australia today. Since that's where you're calling us from them it'll be fun. I didn't realize how many art is actually came from australia. Like the i was really surprised about. Abc dc. i thought they were british band. I didn't know they were formed in australia. I didn't know that either i watch. Cdc for free in Roslyn parking guard. I does quite easy. Then you've got to see them for free at the beginning. Because i know somebody that like saw not as a kid rock at the beginning stages you know like when he was playing in tiny clubs and that's just really cool to see a a band that got net or worldwide status. And you've got to see them in the tiny intimate settings. That's really cool. yeah so so. What's your favorite. Acdc sign. Do you have one done to shape. It has to be. Oh my gosh. Well we'll we're gonna rock the house today with it with all of them that that juniors picked at city. It's always really a pleasure to have you with us. And as i said i appreciate you getting up so early in the morning it's four. Am and australia. You guys but she is such an incredible woman to have on the show. She knows so much about health and nutrition. So but let's start with this. Let's talk about. Let's let's tell our listeners. Why you started changing habits. Cindy well it. Oh because of my book can have changing lives so People would read my book. I had a book in a cookbook out and people would read my book. Nightside cindy way. Do we get the salt you talk about. Why don't we get the shooting. You talk about you get the. How do you make the braid. And so it just became Something that i needed to do because people kept asking me the questions. And that's where i food line canaan and then we've course ended education. 'cause then i would have people say to me. I wanna know what you know. You books not enough information. So i created the nutrition academy. And now i teach nutrition Who not only professionals but to the light people about how to change what's happening not only in their life and their families lots of the community so they can go into community and do some some good work and so that's how changing haven't started yet. It did but there's a backstory to and it's in your book a lab to table about how you had column in a newspaper and you were writing about food Let's tell that story because that's an incredible story. That's really how it started isn't it. You just became passionate about telling the truth about the food that we eat. Yeah definitely so. I was a mom and i just decided. I didn't want to work out hon. I didn't want to consult. So i went to the local paper. And i asked if they needed a nutritionist for a column and they agreed. I i make forty dollars. Awake was an incredible And i would write a column about how to change their habits like every week. And i did it for two years about halfway through the first In the first part of that year. I wrote a column on my dream. No this is back in the early nineties. It was actually nineteen ninety. And i wrote a column on my rain and saying how bad it was and we should go back to bader and my editor came to me and said look manufacturers association of australia of monitoring No happy with what you've talked about. They've asked you to retract your article and i said no. It's not retracting it. So of course the new type of didn't want to have any Any suing happing. So they said well. What can we do for you a nice at all. You can do not a rejection article. But he was a whole page spread on the benefits of monitoring which they did. The last article i wrote was on official. Sweetness icon account published the same. Because it's I'll get sued by the biggest. You know soft drink manufacture there is and i just said well you know what if you can't come produce the truth. I'm not writing for you anymore. And then after one hundred two. Because i thought there's a book in their second book and that was in nineteen ninety five and then. No publisher wanted it here in australia so i ended up publishing it in ninety. I went to bestseller very very quickly. Because i did the marketing that doesn't needed to make it a best seller and then i was picked up by penguin australia though. That's the story of the book and then the book then went on to to the company training habits. And now we are. You know are multi million dollar company. That helps people become the best. I can possibly become with their health and their lives because the narrative at the moment out there is disgusting as far as the whole a thing that's happening. Nobody's talking. well. I shouldn't say nobody. But i'll governments. I'm not talking about food. Excise shine sleep breath. Work none of this stuff. They're not talking about it. And i don't know if i'm allowed to say this but say whatever you want.

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