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Century BC, author polygamous this conscious borrowing from Rome's model makes it vital for all of us to understand how Rome's Republic worked we wanted to achieve and why after nearly five centuries its citizens ultimately turned away from it and toward the autocracy of Augustus. No Republicans eternal it lives only as long as its citizens wanted and in both the twenty-first century AD and the first century BC when Republic fails to work as intended its citizens are capable of choosing the stability of autocratic rule over the chaos of a broken Republic on freedom leads to disorder, an autocracy promises a functional and responsive government. Even citizens have been established Republic can become willing to set aside. Longstanding principled objections to the rule of one man and embrace its practical benefits Rome offers a lesson about how citizens and leaders of Republic might avoid forcing their fellow citizens to make such a torture choice Rome show. Shows that the basic most important function of a Republic is to create a political space that has governed by laws fosters compromise shears government responsibility among a group of representatives and rewards good stewardship politics necessity public should not be a zero sum game, the politician and wins. The political struggle may be honored. But one who loses should not be punished. The Roman Republic did not encourage its leaders to seek complete and total political victory. It was not designed to force one side to accept everything the other wanted instead it offered tools that like the American filibuster served to keep the process of political negotiation going until a mutually agreeable compromise was found this process worked very well. In Rome for centuries that it worked only because most Roman politicians accepted the laws and norms of the Roman Republic they committed to working out their disputes in the political arena that the Republicans stablest rather than through violence in the streets. Republican Rome succeeded in this more than perhaps any other state before or since the early and middle centuries of Rome's Republic show, how effective this system can be the last century the Roman Republic reveals the tremendous dangers that result. When political leaders cynically misuse, their consensus, these consensus building mechanisms to obstruct a republics functions. Like politicians in modern republics Romans could use votes vetoes to block votes on laws. They could claim the presence of unfavorable religions religious conditions to annul votes. They disliked and they could deploy other parliamentary tools to slow down or shut down the political process. It seemed to be moving too quickly toward an outcome that they disliked when used as intended these tools help promote negotiations and political compromises by preventing majorities from imposing solutions on minorities. But in Rome as in our world politicians could also imply such devices to prevent the Republic from doing what its citizens needed the widespread misuse of these tools offer the first signs of sickness in Rome's Republic, much more serious threats to republic's appear..

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