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It was a past to Ah, Isaiah Ford on Ben he laterals to Agneta, who walked into the end zone, capping off a 14 playing 90 yard drive. Interesting stat this afternoon rich the Dolphins with 188 yards unofficially on the ground and 32 attempts New England with just 110 for 20 attempts, knowing when it's driving right now they've got the ball. Get down Intendant The dolphin 25. This game, which was just about a couple of field goals in the first half, a least has opened up somewhat here in the second coming up on 9 40 to go here in the fourth quarter, Miami hold into a six point lead over the Patriots, 15 to 9 all right, a 10 point game in Minneapolis right now, but the Vikes trying to change that is they're embarrassed territory. Here's Erik Nelson. Yeah, Rich. It's a 32 20, Chicago on top 10 away to go in the fourth quarter, The Vikings had it right around the Chicago 34 yard line that they're trying to extend to Dr. Moments ago, The Bear's got another field goal from Cairo. Santos, the seven year veteran out of two lane his third of the day. This one good from 42 yards out. And on one of the big place was a chump gain from Mitchell Travis Key to Darnell Mooney for 22 yards that helps set up that field going. How about Cairo? Santos? He's now connected on 21 straight field goals. This last Miss was week three. So I think you can safely say that days of double doink in Chicago are past the Bears. They finally have a kicker they can rely on the question. Now is can they hold on and win this game, which if they do They would go to seven and seven will be alive in this NFC playoff chase. Of course, the Vikings were trying to get to seven and seven as well. Kirk Cousins is strong for 1 94 and one touchdown. Mental trip Risky 1 61 touchdown. It's been a day where they're running backs have had a lot of success. David Montgomery 118 Yards, two touchdowns on the ground for Chicago. Dalvin Cook 129 yards rushing from Minnesota and a touchdown and Dalvin Cook is we know he's a multidimensional back 1000 circuit in the receiving department today. Also four catches for 21. So I don't think the Vikings Nevada back quite like this since the days of Chuck Foreman, 30 to 20, Chicago on top of Minnesota. 9 12 to go in the fourth Viking, facing in third and five from the Bears 29 here in Minneapolis. All right, fourth quarter underway in Dallas, and we have a tie game again between the Cowboys and Niners. Here's Bob Stevens. Okay. After three quarters 40 Niners 24 49 balls their own 24 yard line. The game was tied 17 here in the third, The Cowboys went ahead on an anti dog 12 touchdown pass to tight and don't 73 yard drive becomes the 40. Niners answered right back. They drove $75 in 11 Place. Crap. By Jeff look junior one yard touchdown plunge. The display in that drive was a 25 year old path for Marlins to the fullback, Kyle you sex and also a 14 yard past to Jonathan Freed. The tight end, who's also a big game read as a touchdown pass of five yards from Bolan's moment, just 14 for 2200 and 62 yards and two touchdowns while Andy Dalton 17 for 27 499 yards and three touchdowns. Another one being the twee order to Michael Gallop where most startup did start today. He has 14 carries for 68 yards, but we injured his ankle in the third quarter. Had looks like he's out for the West of the game. So again, just starting the fourth quarter. 40 Niners and Cowboys all kind of 24 piece. Tyler Conklin just barrels his way into the end zone to give the Vikings a touchdown. They've cut it to within four point after pending in Minnesota. Meantime, the Ravens just rolling since the word go today against the Jaguars years, Craig Heist right Right right now. 47 lead for Baltimore here in the fourth quarter, with 905 to play. And Lamar Jackson just threw his third touchdown pass of the day. This one the short 13 yards to Mark Andrews, but a capped off a 10 play 86 yard drive little under six minutes off the clock. And the big play in the tribe. That was Jackson hitting Hollywood Brown down the near side line here for 46 yards to help set it up and Jackson on the day right now, ah quarterback rating of 133.1, 17 and 22 for 243 yards. The three touchdowns As I mentioned, they've done some production out of JK Dobbins and the running game. 13 carries 63 yards in the touchdown, and, Ah Under mensch. You 17 to twenty three hundred two yards, but really is quarterback ratings 11 11, but really, not much on the offensive end today for Jacksonville. They stubbed themselves in the turtle quite a bit today. But the Baltimore defense certainly given him a lot of trouble as well. So Ravens in command 42 7 with a 43 to play in the game. All right, Thank you, Craig. And also right now, Ah, interception by the Washington football team stops and drive the Seahawks of their down 11 11 minutes left there. Let's quickly go to Adam Green in Arizona, where the Cardinals and Eagles will kick off in a little while. Adam. Yeah, Yeah, guys. Yeah, This is a game where the cardinals and actually have someplace implications for the Cardinals and the Eagles. Despite how rough the Eagle season's been going and force that led to a quarterback change last week with Jalen Hurts now taking over For the home team Cardinals. They beat the New York Giants last week. 26 to 7 shows some signs of life offense. We, DeAndre Hopkins course, have nine catches 436 charges 1st 100 plus yard game. Since there are hail Mary Gaming is Buffalo back in week. 10 and, of course, kind of Mary got a little bit more Calamari ish last week to throw in for a touchdown pass, But the Eagles coming this one's trying to fight for a cause spot with the way the NFC East is going, you know they're still in it. The Cardinals. Of course..

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