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It is thirty one degrees at two o'clock at Pittsburgh International rose, Ryan Douglas. The Pentagon says American troops have been killed on patrol in northern Syria. Isis claims responsibility for the attack which it says was a suicide bombing Turkey says the blast killed twenty people including five US soldiers. If so it would be the deadliest attack on US troops in Syria. The defense department has not yet confirmed the death toll CBS news correspondent Margaret Brennan says the terror group has lost nearly all of its territory, but not its will to fight. This is an idea now that they have become an insurgency. And that is why senior US officials like the Defense Secretary Jim Mattis who resigned when the president made this decision to unilaterally. Withdraw was concerned that the US would be leaving a vacuum too soon that could be so easily filled by those who are still insurgent forces supporters of ISIS. The attack comes the same day that vice President Mike Pence repeated that ISIS has been defeated in Syria. Transportation Security Administration workers had. Pittsburgh International plan a rally Friday to stop the partial government shutdown. William Reese, heads local three three to reform out of the shutdown with nobody coming to the table discussing thing. It's really looking pretty fast for two hundred forty TSA workers at Pittsburgh miss their first paychecks last week, the call off rate here has stayed close to normal more TSA workers have called off sick at larger airports. The rally is planned for eleven o'clock Friday morning inside the landside terminal Braddock remains without a mayor the former borough leader John Fetterman was sworn in as the state's Lieutenant governor yesterday. Braddock council did not fill the position last week due to community disapproval of.

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