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Mom was darker than most of my black friends. You know so. And i have black on my family. I have any family in irish and italian. I have white and my family. I have filipino. My family so i can't be prejudiced. I'm thankful to god allowed all the rainbows of colors in my family. Yeah yeah now. Yeah you know Even even with with the with the black community like you know. My son is half black. You fill me I have no prejudice towards anybody. But i i are very prideful of who i am so i'm going to stand up for our flag for our hint and i'm gonna speak and i'm going to be very vocal the way i have been And sometimes it. May you know being vocal. You know some people might think or get the misconstruction that i am races because during the pandemic and stuff i i was very vocal on certain things were going on and and certain black artists and people that know me from that side of the community reached out your means like you know. I never heard you talk like this. Like what's going on brother all the same and and you know my thing is is like yeah. Well yeah man you know. I respect ya i love. Y'all been at the end of the day like this is still my hand right. This is still a situation. That's going on in my community. And if i don't speak on then what am i really here for right. You know that doesn't mean that. I hate ya but i mean if you draw a line in the sand i'm gonna choose my side and i'm a i'm a. I'm scott in one hundred percent but you know brown by on groping a body of my whole life. We feel me. My pops is a chicano. My my grandma's from each on you fill me and that's just what i am bro. You know i'm not gonna let you disrespect. native disrespect. chicano for that would be coming. I feel the same way. Yeah you so. Yeah but you know now Your album is available. You have an plot survey and it can. Dm you for For the merge for the physical copies on filming so now y american doboy. I feel like the The okay the american part honestly. I'm gonna be one hundred came from. And i'm actually Before before i speak I'm i'm i'm i'm certified on trademark Everything you feel me so. Don't try to come at me. After i make this sentence but i seen american apparel who right and they were closing down that building in la. I seen that. And i'm like. I was trying to come up with a concept. I see american apparel and online american apparel dope. Boy doboy a pair of american dope. Boy it is there. So that's where i came up with american doboy but the the doboy part really comes from you know how i grew up. I grew up in that lifestyle. Believe it or not You know I grew up in the mauthausen cut. Hay and That was a strip famous for for crack in heroin and coming up my son's age eleven years old we. That's what we that's what we had to look up to. you know. Say yes correct okay. What greenwich v okay. I was in six. When i was in lebanon. Imagine your son beaner nightclub right now role in and i tell my mom that tool because my my mom always gets on me because i'm on him a lot and there's a lot of You know i. I i tell my son you know you know. He'll come and be like dad. Give me the give me money. Do this and i'm like. I don't have a problem doing this. My son but i tell my son at times to say you know what. Check it out a. Why don't we start learning how to earn what you want chases that you know what i'm saying so you want me to some money. That's fine no problem but earned that you feel when we go shopping. Carryout bags you know. Put them in trump. If we're going to go gas put the gas. You know what i mean because at the end of the day. I'm going to reward you for that. Could you working for your earning so You know. Those are some of the values that i started into him. That's awesome because i was eight years old pushing carts at the army's you know with the rest of the motel kids to get change. You know we would go and we would put bags in people's trunks at the yankees and sometimes they would give us change. Sometimes they would but that was the hustle and at the end of the day. I'd have you know twenty dollars or fifteen dollars and we'd go to fucking taco bell and toledo's and all that shit right and that's just how i came up so Even though i have the i give my son whatever he wants. But i want him to understand that. It's not about the big cars. It's not about you know 'cause every time because we're gonna bands were you know it's not about that. Those are still. It's about earning this you know. Don't don't don't think that this is normal because it's not right. You feel you gotta go out and you gotta earn this lifestyle and you gotta and you've got to work hard for you and and and that's something that i try to install in my son all the time you know and and tell them you know you might not like it and you might hate me for it but thirty years from now when you're grown man and you have your own family. You're gonna understand what i taught. You is going to help you for the rest of your life. You feel you go out you earn your living. You work hard for it and you become the man that you want people to respect awesome. You feel to your father. That that's what i'm at with that. You know dalton. You're doing that. Because i'm grandfather now. Man fucking love it. I truly true. I got three grandbabies. I got two boys that were twins. Yeah in other words. I hit a home. Run.

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