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Are hopeful Austin, maybe on the down slope of the reason. Coronavirus bike. One of the first metrics officials key and on when spotting a potential decline is the positivity rate. Mayor Stevan says. There's been a very noticeable drop in that regard. Last week positivity rate among people taking tests with 16.2%. It's dropped to 12.8. Percent over 20,000 tests given really promising sign, although 12.8% rate is still quite high, and officials have said throughout the pandemic, the real goal is to get under 5%, which has not been seen since back in October. Governor Greg Abbott is praising the state's role out of Corona virus vaccines. A lot of cities and counties have been frustrated by and they may disagree. But Abbott, for the most part, feels the role is going pretty well, he says. A lot of the supply issues local health departments are faced with are really coming from higher up. There's only one limitation that we have at this moment in time and inadequate supply the vaccinations and that supply vaccinations comes on Lee from the federal government. But overall, he says, 71% of all doses from the feds have been administered, including 81. And the first doses 67% of seven dose of second doses. And he says the states averaging 71,000 doses given every single day, almost advocacy group is rallying against a petition submitted this week to the city to reinstate Austin's homeless. Camping banned the group. Home's not handcuffs is Chris Harris says If the save Austin now petition gets on them a ballot and his past Would only hide us Tim's homeless crisis If someone gets take it in or on, moved by police or even arrested When they get out of jail. They will still be on house and they will still have nowhere to go. And so the cycle will continue, her says. The only true solution is to get these people housed and helped save Austin down Turned in 24,000 signatures to the courts office yesterday they needed 20,000 verified signatures. John Cooley News radio K O B. J It's 5 34. Now getting a look at Austin's on time traffic Still pretty quiet out. They're for the most part, not saying much happening. Looks like we do have one crash that is reported Slaughter Lane near man checks. Watch out for that. Also. So still some ongoing construction. One of the three looks like we have some mainly enclosures due to the ongoing one of the three South project. There should be wrapping up, though to about six o'clock. Could you look your.

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