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We're incredibly competitive in we want our state, even to some of our cities will compete to who can attract the best talent have the standard of living. You know, have a lower tax base. So we're not a burden on the families, but can give a high standard of living. You know, make sure the infrastructure's there things like charter schools. So those are the kind of benefits instead of just being a cafeteria on site, that's free food or massage therapist right cleaner at the office. That's great for a company. We will do it as fate. We'll Louis cities. How do we find the best charter schools? How do we make sure the tax base? How do we give you some great options on in living, you know, per square foot? What that looks like what kind of home you can have for your family. It'll be very competitive and you have to have everybody aligned, right? You have we have our legislators our governor. And our legislators have done a great job of San. Arizona's opened for business. We're gonna make business friendly to come here to the state of Arizona, and we sometimes might even critically California. How cumbersome? Regulatory tax. We might point that out every once in a while to attract other companies. Why? Now, you did mention a few moments ago that Symantec famously acquired lock over two point three billion a few years ago. So what would it biggest lessons that you learned from entire Ginny? Oh, wow. So many great ones. Most importantly, probably the culture matters so much more than people can understand in the success of a company seeing have a great idea. And there's been tons of great ideas as companies never got off the ground because they didn't have culture that starts leadership for sure, but it really diffuses through the entire organization because you'll always have the challenges that come with it. You know, I got to be one of the few people who was a founder venture capital backed company public. Somehow still remain see of a publicly traded company even through good times bad and then the acquisition by Symantec. So it was really a staying focused on what our four value was actually pretty simple knew what you should not. Which can if it sounds elegantly simple much harder temperament.

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