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Value no voice no future it doesn't have to be this way child phone works in twenty five countries to ensure that millions of children like Maddie grow up healthy educated self sufficient and say they know they have a value of voice of future learn more at child fund dot org that lasted looks more like a tool shed that's because it was a tool shed deer I thought I'd show you the less than desirable apartments first because your credit is an acceptable but no worries plenty of apartments let's try this one it's a broom closet don't be silly dear it was a broom closet now it's apartment three eight and the dental landlords can and will check your credit before giving you a lease don't let your credit put you in a bad place go to control your credit dot gov brought to you by the US department treasury and the ad council this message is for all of you sitting in the passenger seat and apologies if it gets a little uncomfortable but how does it feel to be at the mercy of someone who thinks a random text is more important in your life someone who takes their eyes off the road while speeding along in a three ton hunk of steel freaky right well why not just ask them to stop or better yet volunteer to text for them it might be a little awkward but believe me you'll live learn more at stop tax stop rex dot org brought to you by the ad council the national highway traffic safety administration imagine me a dog moving in with a human I didn't know how it would work turns out my humans pretty entertaining for instance every time I give my human his ball he throws it as far as you can and I'm like dude that's your ball so I go get it but he just throws it again I gotta say though the more he does it the funnier it is I love my human the person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet be that person adopt brought to you by the ad council in the shelter pet project dot org hi.

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