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Presented by indeed dot com I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Almost eight million Americans say goodbye to extra jobless benefits. Today, CBS is the least Preston. Some key federal programs put into place at the start of the pandemic are expiring that includes a $300 a week boosted unemployment checks. It has many concerned about how to pay the bills, yelling screaming, trying to like Like what? What? I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do advice from Labor Secretary Marty Walsh. If they're concerned about unemployment, running out myself and Secretary Yellen sent a letter to the states, letting them know that they have the ability to extend the benefits of that, like in each state. And as you know, the states are different. The unemployment numbers are different States estate, The Biden administration says about 100. Americans or people with US visas are still hoping to leave Afghanistan. There's word four have made it out by land. CBS is Christina Rufina. Reporters traveling with the secretary of state were informed by a senior official mid air that the State Department had just facilitated the safe departure. Of four Americans by an overland route. Embassy staff was present at their arrival to greet them. They are in good conditions for, the official told reporters, although he would not say which route they went by, and what country they are currently is secretary of state Blanket arrived in Qatar today for crisis talks As the Taliban claimed full control over Afghanistan in northern California. Tens of thousands of people have been allowed to go back to their homes. After firefighters managed to contain the flames of the cow door wildfire that had threatened to wipe out the resort town of South Lake Tahoe. Cal Fire's Daniel Berlant says the battle isn't over. It's going to take a long time for us to ensure that every hot spot is out that we have full strong containment lines that we know even if a weather event comes in that that it brings wind that we'll be able to hold the fire within his perimeter. They're still in recovery mode in New Jersey, more than five days after getting slammed with.

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