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Fedex office he got into a pickup that had been called in by others the potential lead and then they got the license plate and from there they were able to get his cell phone number he said adding that from their agents could track the cell phone directly as location device mr conduct suicide left more questions answered unanswered about who he was how he became a bombmaker and why did it but chief manley seemed to so as worries about more bombs when he said all seven had been accounted for law enforcement officials have been worried that mr condit might have placed your senate digital bombs in the hours before he died and officials said they were still looking into whether mister car that had any accomplices in the austin suburb of pflueger ville that's spelled p f l u g e r v i l l e pflueger l where mr conduct grew up in lead steady the're persisted throughout the day even after his death neighbors were forced to evacuate from the area surrounding the house con shared with two roommates after investigators found explosive materials there they were allowed to return late in the day the austin police said they had questioned mr khan it's two roommates one has been released the other still being questioned as of wednesday afternoon neither roommate was identified outside mr cottage parents homes and pflueger real detected david fugate with the austin police said mr condit's family was cooperating along investigators to search the property including several backyard chats we don't have any information to believe the family had any knowledge of these events pflueger ville is a tranquil austin suburb nearly twenty miles northeast is a spacious town of fifty nine thousand that has long made it's unusual name with the first silent letter part of his charm visitors noticed when they pass such businesses fast lube with a p pf ast at times on wednesday mr trump town was transformed military tile style swat vehicles sped down highway sped down it's wide avenues neighbors and friends said they were stunned the mr conduct was a serial bomber he always seemed like he was very polite to jeffrey seventyfive who lived next door to mr cottage parents for about seventeen years it's extremely shocking my summation is it doesn't make any sense just doesn't make any sense which most of these things like this do they don't make any sense mr conduct was.

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