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Boston Celtics beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, which is sort of thing. They're supposed to be doing one twenty eight to ninety five so again back to conversation with James Montgomery. The event is going to be this coming Thursday, December six at eight PM I'll start tribute to late blues. Harmonica legend James cotton, the concert itself will be incorporated into an upcoming documentary about the late great James cotton. We'll talk about James and a little later on. I'll give you some information about James cotton. Why he is worthy of all of this and so much more as a as a musician, and as one of the touchstones in blues music, but how did you decide who to have performed in the concert, James? And what was the reactions you approach people? Well, I'm telling you. Shouted with. One of the best for Monica players in the country. And also we started with two guys who play with money waters and guys who played in Cotonou span. We kind of put it together in three segments one one cotton's early years. So we got any range and involves y'all who just geniuses are playing the old delta style, you know, Kucinich delta style and Paul washer and Bob Margolin who played with with money waters with muddy water started. You know, it was just Qatar basically Monica. They didn't have drugs. I mean guitar. Didn't didn't early? So so we picked mardi blue on base Brady. Richard to the little Cutler. Jay gals being on drums. Paul washer who was money's family lived on the streets of them. We got Markham over kesteren Cheryl arena. Christine through Saturday Night Live Daryl knowledge saying with Qadri Rico McFarland. I mean, the list goes on Alon and Curtis L Gallo who not only a great on Monica player and singer but worked with blues for a while. One. Like, it's such an all star line-up, a people are Jerry Portnoy who's living on Cape Cod now, and and he played with both muddy waters, and Eric Clapton and their been I've heard of them. Heard. But anyway, charter run down the list in a hurry like that. But I just wanted to know that that it's gonna be it's packed from top to bottom, but the greatest players, and I mean, that's the greatest players in the world. Are you going to be the greatest loser? Monica players in the world is going to be down there. And we're gonna bring you guys done. The next girl comes up and she's done the next John comes up. It's a cavalcade of stars is ordered it a veritable cavalier except their except they're all Acer Monica plays. And as you went through the list. I think you have Kenny Neal on the Bill as well. Well, but a good heart play Kenny plays, everything, you know, you get tired based. I think he plays clock Israel to. And why not as you read it? As you reached out to these people James response when you told them what you had in mind. First response. I think you know, I'm I'm so honored to be able to honor James cotton every single person we talked to built a sense of. This would be an honor for me to be involved. I think that was the initial response and then like two seconds later. Wow. Man, that's going to be so much fun to me a blast. And of course, you don't. If you're a successful musician. You're really happy. You haven't seen any of your shows. 'cause that means you're both working in. Everybody's the road against a chance to spend time with anybody. Yeah. Which is perfect. I love you. But. So there's a certain amount of that going on to where everyone's just like, especially the closer. We get to the. That was a couple of days ago. After figuring out what signs you should play. And all that stuff. And so now now that we're just you know, what's in a week away. Everyone's calling me going on. I can't wait for this to be so much fun and here again listeners. It's been super groups all the time, you know, for charities. Of band together. But this one is so much like family because you know, we're merely harmonica player show. In the words of my father. I'm glad you're still playing a child's toy for a living. My friends at school. Now playing harmonica job security, but anyway. So. Everyone. They're the most dedicated harmonica players in the world is going to be there. And and when you hear some of these guys play, you can't believe this stuff to able to do look at the list James, it really is startling. And I I gotta ask, you know, not not to amplify because you really don't need to pump this up. But I can you think of another event where so many extraordinary harmonica players all performed in the same Bill because I I'm kind of an loss. Offhand? I don't know if there's a there's a harmonica weekend getaway that I don't know about our blues harp weekend. But otherwise, I I'm high pressed to think of a nightmare would have so many remarkably players on the same Bill. There's a couple of things. Players who go about. Camp down in clarksdale Mississippi. And then there's this by society for the advancement of the harmonica matures. Chirs zone terms. But anyway. But the thing that makes this unique. Is that number one? It is kind of a an extremely rare gathering because he's already gatherings are done in the context of a workshop, or, you know, just subject society, but just gathering is done. Just in terms of like, we're gonna get out there, and we're gonna play no Monica in honor one of our own who rose to the top. And. Certainly in the conversation to be considered the best blues. Harmonica player that ever lived James cotton. So, you know, the thing that makes us so special is not always a tremendous gathering of the most channel the players in the world. But everyone's there with a sense of honor gratefulness, and and everyone also wants to bake tribute to to one of the masters, so so it's not only just together gathering from my good players. We're gathering for reason. So getting together getting together is would be a fun reason. But knowing that it's going to be filmed knowing that you're doing tribute to someone everyone obviously admires ups the ante a little bit for the show, doesn't it? That's exactly right. And. Like, I say this sense of excitement. You know, what's went out this week and people are calling back about the signs be playing. And and and already we're jam or jamming already been just confirming. Well. Get Margolin up on that one with me. And I said, yeah, sure, go ahead. I mean already this thing is taking on a life of its own. And and so we're tremendously excited about it. And believe me. You're a blues fan. You'll never change anything like this again because. Not only that. You'll be part of a documentation. About the whole event. If you're part of the crowd there you you'll be able to participate and a truly legendary. Biography as well. And it's not like, a tickets are outrageous to as I recall, they are relatively inexpensive. I know I've got the information here twenty thirty bucks. I think it's not. Twenty seven thirty and thirty five or something like that. And and then, you know, by today's standards. Seven and thirty via VIP tickets are seventy five which includes a a meet and greet. Now, are you going to have a one a backing band for everybody who's their own bring the how are you doing this? Holy mackerel. I think. Okay ahead. I'm sorry. No, no, no it. Dean, you're one of my favorite guys. I love you. You know music, and you're answering all the right questions because that was a really, you know, that was that was one of the things we had to figure out exactly how we're going to raise that in terms of how many people are playing when they're playing and and when they're coming up and sitting down, and can we we have kind of divided. Kind of chronological way. But are you? So it was quotation marks around it. So the first coping is going to be. This show the roots concerts. In the delta a lot of the early muddy water. Stop. So we'll have one grouping. Rhythm section to do that. And that will include in an upright bass player Marty Balu than the second grouping is we'll we'll be more like two to reflect James cotton is a Chicago blues man when he moved up there and played with muddy waters for so long. And and and the stories, by the way, this stories are just incredible. And then the third grouping is gonna be you know, to show how cotton went from district, Chicago blues to soul music and jazz and funk, and and that's all stretch out. And we'll get the uptown horns up there and then Christine Romans from Saturday night WI with a BI Paraguana goal. What have some fun just to kind of demonstrate, you know, the different periods of cotton's life. So. A lot of different players. And, but but there is a semblance of order to it. So did you all drawcards is something to decide who's going to be able to do the creeper because everyone's gonna wanna do the creeper? Wow. Listeners. Stop you, piano. There's a lot of radio hosts would have no clue about what the creeper was. But dean Johnson. Here's ecologist entertainer. Hey JJ. I wanted to do your break, by the way. That's right. It's interrupting we'll be right back with more government. But yeah, so excellent question that creeper listeners was James cotton signature tune in in the history of Monica complaining there have been three signature harmonica songs. One was juke by little Walter creeper by James cod near one Islamic jammer. By magic Turkey, J gals. Daniel blonde, the blonde. John John Hall of fame. But anyway. You know, the creeper was James the signature song. And and for my money. The most creative and powerful instrumental to end this out that I've ever seen. And so we do have a player. Forward. To play it because it's very complex and very uptempo and requires a ton of win. But I'm not gonna tell the listeners who that was they're going to have to come down to they're gonna have to come down to Fall River on Thursday, and and see which are Monica player stopped up to the plate. Ca cackle James cotton was legendary creeper surprises. Good. We like surprises. Nothing wrong with that. At all. I got to take another quick break. James? You can hang around for a little bit. We'll be right back after the break works. Reads, twelve forty eight it's WBZ NewsRadio. Ten.

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