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To be here. Yeah we andy further on we're working on guests in the future we do that year that Wednesday's and salmon, but it's just a lot of fun. We was talking about anything everything that's going on and that's what we do. Know we the crater own Niche I. Hope like you have and you know hopefully on getting more confident on camera rights. But you know that's what we're trying to do because we're recognizing this is where it's headed and you know used to be where you don't. If you wanted to hear a show only list to watch it at that certain time that's not the case. Now, obviously panel you they can do what however they want to do it whenever they want. So we will be more conducive to that combine set and we looked to build things. From here will work on a number of other elements in maybe McConnell driven. This will be a company, not an advertising agency, but something that is kind of alternative to that I think people really like exactly right. That's exactly why this podcast was created. It's a a waiver people to get that information whenever they want wherever they want and I know that it that appointment television radio it's not like it used to be certainly we'll talk. In Games four, we appreciate you so much for being here today and I felt someone to find out more about you tell us where we can go. FACEBOOK lives gamble. Gamble CAPITALAND SIM We Love You light share, we have our own customized. You are Elchi go. On Youtube Youtube yes we subscribe your youtube but that's the best place to catch US release on facebook and twitter gambling fan and will continue with some new people join us on Monday night we do it every Monday night at seven, and then pay attention for houseguests every Wednesday we're find people like Kathryn Joyce we just and it's conversation we wanted to consider relate interview just get people together it conversely down. Some stores seeds hopefully a lot of fun. That's what we need right now. Well, thank you so much and for those of you listening to watching stick with us the northern Kentucky spotlight, we'll be right back. Ranking on Google. Search maps as easy to understand. But hard to do. It requires constant effort and attention uploading new photos responding to Google reviews, writing weekly posts and checking suggested up there. Google listing optimization takes experience and talk. And there are no shortcuts. See crew gives your Google, my business account steady contributor and attention needs to be affected, optimizing, updating, expanding critical contact every single week. From local retail stores to large regional networks, see crew generates content establish his benchmarks creates dramatic measurable increases and engagement. So what can see crude you your business more calls more clicks more clients. Welcome back to the Northern Kentucky spotlight at listen. We appreciate you listening and watching so much year we enjoy sharing the great things about Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region and listen. This is three point Oh. This is what you're, GonNa. Get all the information you need super interesting interviews and if you WANNA be on walk past, let us know be super busy. You can email Jeremy. Jerry giving me your email address. I'm going to give them my email address Info at and K CHAMBER DOT COM put on the spot for that one. Nonetheless we we know that that we all like to learn more about the area we live in, and so that is what we're doing today and we couldn't do it without the help. Of course of crow of CG he gives me we appreciate so much you being title sponsor here on the Northern Kentucky spot like also to see group consulting our digital sponsor if not for digital I don't know where we any. So we appreciate that as well Jeremy Sharon, is always welcome back and welcome to season three. Yeah I think that was a heck of an episode for the first episode of season three beer and sports a vote that every single time. All right. Listen. Thank you guys so much. Remember his share. You're watching subscribe if you're listening Laforest on your favorite podcast platform and we'll see a next week right here next Monday on the Northern Kentucky spotlight..

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