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Be in that top year of them sacramento luvell etc. I look with them. Everybody else i would actually be like. Yeah i wi what what makes what the difference with unix louisville's louisville's mo has historically been to reach resign players. They they wanna keep guys in. India's also been like that. India levin has also been as assigned very talented players onto them but phoenix was capable two years ago of having one of the best strikers in the league one of the best midfielders. The league guys who were like fringy analysts possibilities Solomon asante junior fleming's and i was like. Oh these guys are fantastic. You know they've proven themselves. They scored a ton of goals in a ton of says. They're definitely gonna move onto a bigger league even if that bigger league. Is you know a second division team in europe or something like that. Not phoenix resigned him. Inex- paid the money to eat them. you know you don't really see that because by comparison tyler pasher who played with Indy just went to mls this year. I think he's with nashville. This year. So you know like the. That's the difference is that phoenix is actual actually spending low end. Mls money on players. Only anybody else in the us ellas phoenix on. So let me let me make sure understanding this right marcus. I think this is instructive. 'cause i think the last time rapids fans were thinking about phoenix. Rising was when mike defiance went there from the from the rapids. So phoenix rising is. They have So where louisville. I feel like mark has been a team that just signs veteran. Ussl guys and just has that group you know that are just they're never going to make its amylase. That phone call is never going to happen and he has been opened assigning guys who eventually move on but they are they. They are picking up players who then have had options. Lower division options in europe had options in mls and then they will make coulter from a chance to win standpoint and from a money standpoint their teams who are players who are turning down other opportunities. Go or resign with inex- whereas the guys who won back to vacuous l. championships with louisville. Like the best thing that they're gonna get is the league minimum and a one year with a team option that they're probably going to get cut and they're not gonna play at all at the. Mls t i mean your question is is a critique. I think it's a legitimate one because but because us all contracts are completely opaque will never know the answer to that question so the players that matt's talking about louisville they may have to match point than resigned because they They know that it's not gonna get any better at another league team They feel like you know. Sixty five thousand for the year is the best they can do. Better might also be like what i set. Which is that those philly those Venus players are really getting decent size contracts Real almost mls level money. And so they're hanging onto him for that mark. Would you say in that that. This is a healthy environment for jeremy. Kelly grow in. If andrei rawls was going to be anywhere that at least this is a this is a place yes or no. Is this a healthy environment. Are you excited to see what this could mean in terms of both of these players growing and then being in a better position to help the rabbits winning twenty twenty two for german kelly. It's the best option i mean. I think jeremy kelly will almost certainly get time there. Even if he's not the best full-back on the roster he'll get a lot of opportunity to play for sure. I'm less certain about what it means for. Andrei rawls Although they're they're not real deep at goalkeeper They have two other players at goalkeeper. Landon carter who. I don't know much about anzac. Lou been Zac lubin does have a really nice background. he has he's the he's the presumptive starter for them Forty seven starts between two thousand eighteen and now And he even did a brief loan stint with the seattle sounders so he's easel legit. I second here goalkeeper Who is thirty one years old and likely to be helpful as it mentor to rawls. The other guy's name didn't ring a bell in any way shape or form so navy role slots right in there as the number two which would be fairly valuable but that being said. Us those need start. June matt and they're likely to play a right Some teams are playing in. Some games are happening in. May the official beginning start. Time was announced as like mid april but most of for teams first game. They gave the team wide. Latitude has to win the start and most of the team's pushed their start dates back as far as they could so i think the river islands first game is going to be may fifteenth and their season opener at home is june six and the reason that those dates are so late is because they wanted to wait until more and more and more people are vaccinated which makes it more and more and more likely that they get People turning revenue at the game. Because he wasn't making any money on television whereas mls is making at least some money on mark yes or no will. So let's we're gonna assume again keegan rosen. Starting right back in play. The overwhelming majority of games for the colorado rapids is sebastian and wilson fashion anderson. Be the player with the second most minutes at right back to colorado rapids this year. Who that is such an interesting question. No i think sebastian's it gets loaned out. I don't think he plays a minute. That's that's while we speculative. What do you think that if that happens. Mark i think do b. c. A do we see a reprise of courtney ford conservative right back that we saw twenty nine. I think is a really interesting question. One question that we got cut folks that we will get to on is the rapids. Six centrebacks. I think it's unlikely that were of them. Will get a regular run out and the likely and its unless grew more is extremely hurt. At which point you know that's probably an indication that this will be his final year playing professionally. Those fifth and sixth spot from the depth chart are probably going to be two of the three young players off trustee or any four. Who's now back from injury. And then michael edwards who he spoke to on the last podcast and so i wonder you know does. Is that guy. Happy only getting or hundred minutes bit are playing and is that six guy even getting minutes. And so i wonder mark. That was corny. Ford was okay with twenty nineteen. We this podcast were counted. The many failings of players at the right back position you know could or could we see the colorado rapids go to three at the back we saw. Egan rosen vary at times you one of those rights centrebacks when they've gone to three at the back end then to the rapids than just commit in terms of going forward standpoint you know is the sam vines become what alexander. Benjamin mendy have been from a formation in the tactic sample or liverpool manchester city. Where the fullback bombs or and then in possession the rapids goatee. Read the back to the point. Where having rosenbergs back backup. He were of a conservative outside back. And then when sam vines has gone you have stephen beta.

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