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Mm welcome back to writer than you tom savage is not exactly the second coming of russell wilson tom brady aaron rodgers dare i say it even jay cutler non skin and i can't say color items have jump so i went too far i i need to offer a public apology to thompson because it is not look i've i joke a lot on the show it is not acceptable compare and he quarterbacks the jay cutler has apologised you're listening to lighter than you own cbs sports radio look i'm joking that the guys playing was liners but i don't know why genes were plays of info moral is simply wrong like i that's not okay to compare another human being quarterback position to jay color on a pretend said those words i just that's fine man fine words won't happen again it's just it's not even i felt bad throwing out of here my we've tom savage are going to put you know pretty good little out in today playing in a preseason game at nine of eleven or something like that nine is recuperating tom i'm sorry man i'm sorry it's not paronen quarterback jay cutler what is wrong with me politized a yuko america tuukka i really gives anticholera saga as fuck make weather mcgregor what we think could happen i want to believe mayweather eight five five two one two four cbs that he's a step slower i want to believe mcgregor can catch him i'm just having trouble getting there uh let's go to rick out in cash listen on 1450 hey rig thanks for thanks for listening to my on your on cbs sports radio look i'm.

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