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Behind, the four miles an hour Forty kilos wrong okay if you wanna go throw Fine So I'm gonna, pass you Dot The Republicans are doing to President Donald, Trump And they're not roaming head on that That would Holy potatoes, late eight nine hundred one s eight g. Triple eight nine hundred one seven, two. Four three Larry elder here from the relief factor. Dot com I want to say something about Dennis Starts. In theaters August third is rated PG thirteen is called death. Of a nation to see the trail you, can go to. Death of a nation movie dot com let me. Tell you what I liked about it I liked. The historical examination of the Democratic Party This business about the Republican and Democratic Party switching. Because of race turns out to be a crock And he talked about how people talk about the civil war as north versus south when in fact it was democrat versus, Republican because the Democrats in the north support at the same racist policies as Democrats in the south did This fascinating. He uses a lot of historical and excellent the movie really looks good it's. Obviously spending more and more for his for his, films so I'm. Urging you to check it out it's.

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