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An official ever charged in the church's sex abuse scandal a new b you report shows a high incidence of brain disease and former football players the numbers are alarming the details from wbz's doug cope of one hundred eleven former nfl players brain studied by boston university researchers one hundred ten ninety nine percent showed signs of c t e of degenerative brain disease cte can lead to confusion depression and dementia dr anne mckee it'd be you says we need to get on top of this disease what we need to do i think is come together to really understand this disease identified living people stop the player from being exposed to the injuries that are occurring and learn how to treat the disease ninety one percent of college football players brains examined also showed signs of ct doug cope wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time six twelve we check sports because we have to even after a tough red sox loss known half do well now after we have to hear the gory details adam kaufman as in the ticket com sports studio let's hear it all right jeff while the red sox lead knees down to one game on the anc he's following their fourth straight loss disappointing 65 collapse in thirteen innings in seattle just after three am boston rallied from threenothing depths it took four three lead in the sixth after hanley ramirez homered dustin pedroia doubled home to and jackie bradley jr picked up an rbi single mariners evened the score in seventh socks when up again in thirteenth wednesady leone singled in ramirez doug pfister in leone combined to give it back with wild pitch in the bottom of the inning john farrell did they get their signals crossed or what knaw there was lacrosse a you know as well as though was pitching the end of the third inning a work he was sufficient bonner ground good breaking ball in some key counts uh he pulled a fastball tools glove side and unfortunately saying he can't get a glove to it and they're in there and they tied up in underground only little the infield after walker's nato is the difference gene score drove in the winning run series finale today at through 340 raphael dever's went over for two walks in a.

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