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Guy I said this on twitter I'm rambling here I apologize but. I said this on twitter about Yada Yada. Yada prideful Guy Yadi is a lot like we saw in Jordan Documentary Michael Jordan would take any little personal flight and magnify to motivate himself because that's how he got that additional fire. I think is the same way and so I'm fine with that I. Think if that helps motivate Yati and we've seen that I think. He's very similar in terms of how they go about it. I'm not saying Yati and Jordan are the same athlete script. What I'm saying is yachties near the top of what he does and he needs an extra motivation. So I know that personality and and pride comes into this I. Just think it has to be a balance from both sides between the cardinals understanding that. He got he wants to get paid something he can live with and got understanding maybe the cardinals might not have the most money to give him in terms of the open market I. Just Hope it works out because I think you ought deserves it and I think it I mean it's obvious cardinal. See Yati finishes a cardinal when I think from a baseball perspective is well, he's still a really really good catcher at a position that is hard to find in major, League Baseball and you know Matt leaders I can't imagine that he would be an everyday guy in baseball moving forward and Andrew Kisner. We haven't seen a lot of him over the last couple years maybe he's the future maybe it's Harare. The the young guy in the system. But for right now over the next couple of years if you replace Yada Your Molina with say Andrew Kisner all due respect to Andrew Kisner but from a baseball standpoint teams taking a step back. Yeah I agree with that and you can look at the defensive metrics which they weren't the same Yati. That's why you know he wasn't in the gold glove conversation but I don't even look at that. You know you talk to the cardinal players I talked to the cardinal players. You can go to every picture on the cardinal staff right and ask them about the importance of Yati in terms of how Yada handles how Yati makes them better. That's something that isn't going to be checked off in some box of analytics I think you ought to is still a really good player you mentioned. There's not another option that's ready to go out of the box for certain. We know that. Yeah, he is. So yes. Sure. Not only in terms of being a legacy player, but in terms of the season ahead at the very least yes. Yati can help this ballclub in a lot of ways that it's really hard to gauge. Yes I agree with that. I think that this off season for a lot of reasons is is going to be different as visit with Jim Hayes of Fox Sports, Midwest and I think that there will be decisions that teams and players. Have to make on. Maybe we'll see more short term deals there will also jim be potentially some real changes. Will we see the designated hitter fulltime in the national? League how will that affect the market for players? How would that affect the market for someone like Nelson Cruz, even someone like Marcello Suna, and I think that those rule changes those potential rules that will be carried over from last year or the twenty nineteen season or I..

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