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With us or in sports. I'm Kim Mormon, Patrick Canley showed what kind of scoring day today might be the US open? He shot a sixty eight long before the leaders teed off, and that's the low score. The third round so far. Right now. You have a two shot lead for woodland over rose. And he's three ahead of kept gone, the greens firmer than the opening two rounds. Dustin Johnson Johnson rather opened with three birdies on seven holes the Stanley Cup celebration in Saint Louis. Gotta rainy star, but it didn't keep the crowds away, they lined up along the downtown streets before the blues victory parade. They were celebrating the team's first championship, and fifty two years. This is our in sports. Oregon catcher and top overall draft pick. Adly rush Mun is a winner of the dick howser trophy is college baseball player of the year. They collegiate Baseball Writers Association an ounce. It's major award winners today. UCLA reliever Holden Powell stop or the year and Michigan's Eric back as the coach of the year at the college World Series. It was Michigan defeating Texas Tech today. Five three. Joining Martin's luck finally ran out. He suffered his first loss and twenty two starts today. When the angels hit three home runs and a five three victory over Tampa Bay. It was the first loss for Morton since August eleventh when he pitched for the Houston Astros. It was a fourth and five win fourth win and five games for Los Angeles. This is our in sports. All across America Larry elder show. For you. Larry. Trump become a democrat again. A thing that unions Democrats, like we want product made in America. The top people like a victim epoch China and Mexico. So when did you have a democrat free threes, trade policy Republican? Land long to win become a democratic, and there was one if the White House, they take on a thank you becoming democrat again..

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