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Spike's going another pop on the laces that they look like hot pink like shoe laces. So it appears. The Yankees are challenging the close play at first base and want the umpires to take a look at it. Jeff Nelson, the plate umpire with the first base umpire, CB Buckner, the ruling on the field was safe as Harrison trying to get back to first base. I guess the Marlins colors sing. He can play into that right? You might as well take advantage You have the teal and the brightness. Oh, yeah. No, it works. It looks great for their color scheme. Yeah. Close play it On a pickoff. I think he was safe. Yeah. I think he was back in there. I'm surprised they're reviewing this. It looked like He was clearly back in their reaching with that right arm fully extended. Luke Voight's tag came under the latte, right, lad. Of Harrison, which by that time they looked like Harrison was comfortably back in there. You get your lift in already Today? I have not Did that make you think about getting into the gym? All right, Suze, the ball game's over so you can work out those lattes and he gets it the back stuff going on the official umpire say, Save the same sign from Jeff Nelson, the plate umpire. So the Call stands. Harrison at first And.

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