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The hope is the open debate helps convince the public to get the vaccine. We must build the trust. Record people. We must make them understand that the science that went into this that the oversight that one of them is gold Standard, Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski, who oversees logistics, told ABC News. The vaccine will be shipped within 24 hours of emergency use authorization and will be administered within 48 hours, the start of an eventual change in the course of the pandemic. Aaron Carter Ski ABC NEWS New YORK Coronavirus death toll in this country yesterday 3054 people the highest single day total to date, the U. S likely to pass 290,000 deaths. Later today. Is the Facebook Instagram WhatsApp combination so big, it stifles competition to major antitrust lawsuits say yes citing, in part, an email written by CEO Mark Zuckerberg that allegedly said better to buy them to compete. Here's NBC's expert shape Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion and then whats app for 19,000,000,002 years later. The FTC signed off on both acquisitions. Facebook is vowing to fight any legal challenges, saying antitrust laws exist to protect consumers and promote innovation not to punish successful businesses. In the wake of George Floyd's death. The Minneapolis City Council voted early this morning to slash $8 million from the Police Department's budget, the council listening to over 300 people with very in comments on reallocating funds for people to really drive in Minneapolis. We need to pass people's budget and shift our priorities so that people can actually get their most basic. Match Carjackings, armed robberies. Home invasions are all up exponentially, and I no longer feel safe in my own neighborhood. This trumps is a direct result of a reduction in the police force. You're listening to ABC news. Someone who's good morning. Art Sanders. Now your top local stories from the comb over 24 7 news Center. State health experts say it's still too early to tell what kind of impact Thanksgiving gatherings will have on the Corona virus outbreak. That's because it typically takes a couple of weeks before people get sick enough to go to the hospital. Michele Roberts, with the State Department of Health says vaccines are on the way by the end of the month. More than 400,000 doses of the Fizer and modern vaccines arrive in Washington take a number of months before there be enough vaccine. Everybody who wants to be vaccinated, so it will be well into the first half from 2021. We'll still be needing to use all these other strategies. Strategies include face coverings and frequent hand washing. J B. L M soldiers will be among the first to get the covert vaccine. The Pentagon has chosen joint base. Lewis McChord, among several for the first round of distribution military was granted 44,000 initial doses and McClatchy Newspapers reports sites were chosen because of their capacity for cold storage. Now your co Moh Dubin law group. Traffic..

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