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Headley a walk in the second I have not had a hit yet and now the giants lead it is four to nothing after a two run seventh so little bit of breathing room as Headley stands in and back to tell you all about it here's John Miller had to use a lot of experience again lets him in the past he takes a changeup loan outside for ball one Headley has walked and struck out in this game he said forty eight advance is also what the time in his career against let's give curveballs bounced phone off to write over the on deck hitter Tommy medica Medicare on deck of the number reached another lefty due up third in the inning one ball and one strike this is a tough out for let's give the pitch to Headley an offense mall right in their for a called strike now Sanchez gave a very high target and that's going to do that down about knee high one ball two strikes it comes I bought the first one was right poses got it under hands to let's go public in time one away here in the eight still five months away the the the big obstacle eliminated there and here is Tommy medica medica has struck out and grounded out this is only the second game in which Medicare has ever faced let's give these for five against it giants for Padres nothing here in the eighth inning the infield swung around toward the third base side playing this right handed hitter to pull now it's going to wind up the page curve ball that is about dropping below the knees but where was it when it got to the plate that was a big dropping curveball and it looks like it might well have been S. right one.

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