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What it's worth, I'm Sherry Preston. How the government shutdown is affecting government workers worked for the government know myself since I was eighteen years old joined the Marine Corps a month and a half after high school, you know. Say you know, quickly after getting out of the marines. That's Bill Striffler from brick New Jersey. He's now an air traffic controller because that job is essential. He is still working. But without a paycheck is wife. Theresa she's expecting their baby any day nine months pregnant, so literally due any day now, and I just went on maternity leave. So I'm trying to get disability. And we don't know when that's gonna come through between the two of us. Neither of us are getting paid right now Striffler isn't weighing in on the wall, but he is weighing in on the way government works or does it work in the Senate or need to pass a Bill that will appropriate money to reopen the government and the president he's decided for us to return back to work in a paid status says he served his country twice. Now. Only this time. He's doing it without a paycheck for what it's worth, Cheri Preston. ABC news. You know, if you struggle with hearing loss or even worse a constant ringing or buzzing in your ears. That's tonight as my friends, and it can be really a huge problem. They can create social isolation it can. Lead to depression, and it's just really annoying, and it can be fixed, Dr Patty and Dr Lisa Colorado tinnitus and hearing center, they can fix it. They've been fixing tinnitus with hearing devices like the one they fitted my husband with and it is teeny tiny. You can't even see it, and it silences his tinnitus and allows them to here. Again. It's time to schedule your initial tinnitus or tonight. It's whatever you wanna say consultation with Dr Patty and Dr lease at Colorado tinnitus and hearing center, they be doing this over a decade. There are a lot of kind of followers that are trying to do it. Now, go with the women who have the relationships in the industry who are always up to speed on the latest technology, and who are genuinely.

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