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Is the timetable and joe flack was back so on two actually he said that both back door and appreciating when i just pushed back and federal what about the writers even if you certainly uncle requiring so i think we all know is back injury in her a quarterback if you very careful and he get as well on project back over the next three weeks dana rossini joining us here are nfl reporter who espn on my could mike sean foreign them willie cologne you mentioned this just a second ago you said at least one other team was wanting to sign calling capper nick but then the owner basically blocked it is i note speculation but do how many other teams do you think this is maybe gone up the chain and then has been stopped immediately well i think definitely been the conversation has been hat and a lot of different casually i've reached out to different teams over the last week the typically the last thirteen and i thought when i was looking at who who could use a common it right now and vick the guy from a survey that idea quarterback with so much the most common answer kenny combrick august away i don't think it necessary with his acts of what he did last year because remember too but the ravens colin kaepernick had not protecting the national anthem nick upcoming so he's already you've got to go out there and play football but there are some in other words still going to probably find other ways attention a backup get ready uh eight for the regular season worth it i diana rossini are nfl reporter aired espn join us on mike mike diana appreciate all your insight first hand knowledge from being at the ravens camp over the last couple of days we consider all euro mike mike on espn radio espn 2 the s p an app and we've we've obviously broken down the calling cavernous situation but we have football tonight and mike mike is presented by progressive insurance pick from your range of coverage name your price tool.

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