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Sixty three colorado highway fourteen larimer county road twenty seven stowe prairie road and wrist canyon road now colors were already starting to show in the buckhorn and pingree park area As early as september eighth and again you can expect that area to reach prime time viewing at least as far as the fall. Colors cow. The last week of september. So a good loop is starting at mason vale taking larimer county road twenty seven northwest larimer. County road forty four age. That's a buckhorn road by the way you might want to take it. Slow on buckhorn road as construction work judy. Fire and flash floods is ongoing and you might encounter some delays now the upper putter canyon from rustic cameron. Pass is where sadly most of the damage to aspen actually occurred this area offers close up and panoramic views of the massive burn scar which is well just breathtaking. In terms of its devastation. The aspen show resumes in abundance. Once over cameron pass and heading into north park and that kind of makes the drive. Well worth it. Don't forget rocky mountain national park but for the second year in a row the park has implemented that time entry permanent reservation system..

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