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Everything is a process and at the end of process is a result. So it's like, you know, I want to be a great CEO. Well, I mean, it's great to see it's just a title. What's your daily process everything comes down to a daily process? So if you get that, right, the result will take care of itself as we know. I'm sure many people have heard that before but you don't have to identify with a title. I'd rather you identify with the process and these series of different processes that you have those processes make up dead. Who you are? So you're not actually a title. You're more you're defined by the processes that you engage in every single day. And that's that's how I I look at things. It's a different concerts like yeah, I am a high performance coach but these are the things I do every day that allow me to be comfortable with who I am as a person which allows me to be a benefit off to you but I don't identify myself everyday I get a I'm coach. I'm a coach I have to do this cuz I'm a coach I do this because this is what allows me to perform optimally and that's why I encourage people to do try not to be so focused on title and don't be so glued to the outcome, right? Because what we do has to yield and I am right and outcomes will either be positive or negative but you could still be great at something and get a negative outcome. How do you pivot off of that negative outcome and make that negative a positive right? It goes back to yep. Process you always have to go back to your process and you either have a winning process or a losing process. So if you get a lot of losses and a lot of negatives your process stinks, but if you get a positive positive positive and an occasional negative, you probably have a pretty good process. Cuz we we can't bat a thousand in anything that we do there's days we wake up you could have a great process you work out eat I get massage you get stretched you meditate you take hot baths you float. You do all these things. But you still feel like crap on Wednesday morning. The body is dynamic. I mean we're talking about cells we're talking about energy. We're talking about atmosphere. We're talking about humidity climate. There's there's so many factors that we can't control them all so we have to control what we can control and.

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