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Rogers I'm Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning Susie has the morning off counselors will be available for students and staff at Alyn high school today a sophomore was shot and killed at a party Saturday night in Plano years K. R. L. these Austin New York police responded to a shooting off peach tree lane near spring creek parkway in Plano after an investigation will determine that people fired into the home as several others were being kicked out of a party there a sixteen year old student was shot and taken to a local hospital where he later died he's been identified is mark kill Ellis junior a sophomore at Alan hi a tweet from the Alan high school men's basketball team describe more kill as someone quote teammates love to be around it goes on to say we had the privilege of getting to know mark L. L. us last year phenomenal athlete in fierce competitor our basketball family is grieving and our thoughts and prayers are with more kills loved ones Austin York newsradio ten eighty KRLD tall family dispute slowed to a fatal shooting at a Dallas homes yesterday afternoon at a home on Scotland Dr not far from the VA hospital but according to police the man got into an altercation with his brother in law and shots were fired both men were hit taken to the hospital and a brother in law died there the other man remains in stable condition but it's unclear this morning at that man has been arrested and there's no word from police on what led to the shooting it is five oh five now it K. R. L. D. fired fort worth police chief Jole fitz Gerald he's going to court today as he continues to fight to get his job back fitz Gerald continues to battle his may firing at today's hearing his lawyers are seeking an injunction to keep the city from hiring a permanent police chief until fitzgerald's lawsuit is run its course a temporary restraining order issued in June expires tomorrow this any claims fitz Gerald was fired for cause well he says it's because he was blowing the whistle on what he views as corruption at city hall since fitz Gerald was sacked six months ago and Krause's been serving as interim police chief colonel Lewis newsradio ten eighty KRLD five oh five now I get many people don't like jury duty and some people called don't even bother to show up but it's K. R. Ellie's LP Phillips reports things were so bad last week in a murder trial had to be put on hold the case of Christopher McKinney was supposed to happen last week he's accused of killing a man over a fender Bender accident in the uptown area of Dallas in February but after two days of not enough jurors the trial had to be continued judge Dominique Collins presiding judge over jury services says only twenty percent of the jurors who gonna someone showed up we had five hundred twenty two folks show up that day the room holds about five hundred and eighty but we need all the people who are called to please come I know life happens you know things get in the way people get sick family responsibilities I get that but you need to call us or email us and let us know that you're not coming but you can't come hello this is one thing to keep in mind there's a scam making the rounds threatening arrest if you don't pay a fine for failure to show up for jury duty she says the county does not do that LP Phillips news radio ten eighty KRLD dak does a lot of good things again for the cowboys big win over the lions yesterday Prescott put up another big passing number in Detroit back engine one point three the fan press gone through for four hundred forty four yards and three touchdowns as the cowboys held off the lions thirty five twenty seven that's a good pass rushers office of line did.

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