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To see what happens Californians can't seem to get a break flash. Flood waters are pounding Chico already scarred by wildfires. This month people there were being evacuated again, at least three families had to be rescued by boat. In almost one hundred drivers were told to stay in their cars until water levels. Receded WBZ TV's brianna pit says a New England Patriots fan. Tried to bring a little smile on New England patriot tried to bring a smile to the face of one of the areas, fire survivors and patriots fan. Living in California. Who says he lost everything in the wildfire gets a special shout out from Tom Brady Christian hauling says the own? Only thing he was able to save before the campfire destroyed. His home was Tom Brady chairs the Christian posted a picture online. And it caught Brady's attention. The pats quarterback responded on Instagram asking for help finding Christians address to send them a ball. Take all along with that jersey. Tom Brady, of course, is a Californian native himself, and the Wolseley fire survivors are also having to pile on the sandbags as the rains come pouring down. There were people doing this backbreaking work digging out the lake filling sandbags in San bathing olive, our homes to help preserve what remains Malibu city officials are urging residents to check if their property is at risk for mudslides using a map released by the US. Geological Survey a dozen Massachusetts beer makers have jumped into action to raise money for the California five victims. The Sierra brewing company put out a message to breweries across the country. Asking them to donate funds from their Bruce to the regions devastated by the wildfire..

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