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With this one four one four seven nine nine one six twenty Jeff my wife and I attended a movie at Mayfair mall was complete chaos teenagers were out of control we actually walked out to the parking lot with a couple of cops I love Mayfair mall but they clearly have a problem yes this rule needs to be re instituted Jeff you got to re institute this rule I've seen kids thrown into glass display windows during fights with customers walking by on the other side of the glass it's scary when twenty teenage girls go at each other and to who mall cops are tasked to quell the mail may lay I love that word may like Jeff I grew up in what we close a hung out they fear with friends all the time that being said my friends and acquaintances didn't need this policy because we didn't cause any trouble I'm glad may fear his re instituted reinstituted if you can't hang out act in a civil matter well you don't belong in a mall four one four seven nine nine one six twenty I wonder if this is too late Diane in Menomonee falls Diane good afternoon hello hi Dan I agree with your last caller it's too little too late you know when I have been there which hasn't been for a very long time I've seen the security guard either like twelve or eighty I felt sorry for them because they truly don't look like their gear to handle a bad crackled which they seem to have too frequently fine not going to go back to me after no matter what rule okay so you live in Menomonee falls where would you go to shop I don't know thirty two hit the op Myers the Walmart right now the up hill sure and I'd love to shop at meeting don't feel comfortable there okay no thanks to call it that that's see that that that's fair the these malls are in fact I I see this all the time stores malls except for it is fragile look at what happened Boston store no for decades Boston store which is this institution and then you know tastes changed and maybe they had some economic problems all these things and now the Boston store suddenly disappear you you look at the struggles that some shopping areas are going through I mean look at what's going on at the Bayshore town center now where just a relatively few years after this new development now they're trying to re imagine it and they're trying to get away from retail at all bottom line is people need to feel safe and they need to have a positive experience if they're going to leave their homes and go shopping and and I I I understand that if at all possible you know you want to be as inclusive as you possibly can and if if you wanna have teenagers there this teenagers have disposable income a teenager shopping teenagers go to the movies and I understand why you want to have them there but at the same time if you have large groups of kids kids you know high school students who can't go anywhere else we'll come out there and are looking to get into trouble you're just what you do is you scare away the the rest of the clientele and you know sh that's the last thing that shopping malls can do nowadays so if Mayfair was trying to be broad minded let's let's see if we've been unfair to the kids and let's see if we can re institute we can do away with this policy let's try it out let's see if we have problems like I say if you're thinking about doing that well we now know the answer and that is no you need to have these rules and if you want to have the grown ups in all Klay hood the people that are going to be doing most of the spending if you want to have them out at that mall especially now that we're starting to move into the holiday shopping season the last thing you want to have happen is people be afraid this they come out on a Friday night or Saturday evening they're going to get caught up in a brawl with a hundred teenagers so the simple answer is no teenagers on escort it might not sound fair to some people but I think it's the only thing that you can do if you're trying to survive as a mall this is Jeff Waggoner Jeff what right after this let's talk for a minute about stock market volatility hi Rick Adelman here you can expect to see market volatility but don't let it frighten you out of your investment and retirement accounts now I'm not making light of volatility we get it it's unsettling but volatility is really simply a routine part of long term investing and the best way for you to avoid stock market volatility don't have all your money in stocks that's why here element financial engines were careful to give our clients highly diversified portfolios placing only a portion of assets into stocks this helps give you the confidence that stock market volatility is really nothing to get.

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