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The data privacy practices some companies just took their data processing practices and jammed them in the terms of service and then they said because our data processing prices are in the terms of service and that's a contract with the user were compliant with gdp are right and that's why people got sued on the first day judy pr was enacted right and so i think for me it's very clear this is a long road it's a road that's going to be litigated but i i think if you look at the shift and you look at the appreciation that people have for user privacy and how fundamentally important it is to humanity i think we're just getting started in the way that people are gonna have to change their businesses to what because it's all predicated on that well i think it's important to point out that there wasn't any russian manipulation of south chat they just use that there are alternatives and that the way that you treat user privacy is really important for us from that goes back to when we were in my dorm room when it was just me and bobby when there were three or four people using our products we cared about data retention right and it's taken seven years for people in the technology industry to take a look at what we've done getting rid of personal information rather than storing it hoarding it forever yeah and to say hey that that actually kind of makes sense and so i think for us it's exciting to me that seven years later after we built our business on this idea of data data minimization effectively that the rest of the industry is starting to to embrace that and i think that will that will have a positive impact you expect a lot of regulation coming.

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