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At the November issue other stories the Idaho Supreme Court affirmed the lower court's decision to uphold a lifetime CD L. band hi court determined what it means to be a CDL holder within both state and federal regulations that's why it had to go all the way up to the High Court according to the documents Bruce Edwards received a class A. CDL March of twenty eleven in April of the following year he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol now although that first arrest did not lead to a do you why conviction he did have his license suspended for ninety days consequently his CD L. privileges were revoked for one year so that's may of twenty twelve to may of twenty thirteen well it's January of twenty thirteen again while his CDL is revoked he was arrested for a second do you why this time is non commercial license would be suspended for a year a CDL privileges would be revoked for life effective March twenty thirteen that that's in the green book forty nine CFR three three a three point five one for a second conviction or refusal to be tested in a separate incident of a do you why well operated a non commercial vehicle or A. C. L. P. or CDL they must be disqualified from operating ace commercial motor vehicle for life you know it's like two strikes you're out you're done for life well and we're is was litigating those suspensions he was arrested for a third do you why June of twenty thirteen transportation of opera notify them that if they intended to impose a mandatory lifetime disqualification on his CD he he argued well wait a minute once my CDL was suspended after that first for a year my arrest in twenty twelve well I was effectively stripped of my CD I I was not technically a CDL holder at the time of that second do you watch see what I'm saying well because neither the state nor federal regulation defines a quote holder who is a CDL holder the High Court turned to dictionary definitions accordingly someone is no longer a holder of a license once they are divested of ownership or a possession of the license an examination of title forty nine as a whole though disclosures there is a distinction between a license and the privileges granted by that license because of this distinction Edwards was still a holder of a CDL at those relevant times in other words arrest number two an arrest number three essentially Edwards ability to drive a commercial vehicle was revoked but he maintained ownership of a CDL then I guess at this point in time you say Hey dude you tried to fight in the courts find another line of work you're not getting a commercial license you will be driving truck anymore right hello shadow chaser the audit on doing all right what's happening our yard for word mark a lot a lot yeah yeah well actually one night they are so I thought that the whole what what are you doing here so did not put you off the exit the idea of is it backed up pretty good or not too bad yeah well yeah I saw a lot of bad weather hello Richard Donner right now it's all I.

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