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Uh is yeah he's under contract oca chad william it's it's both browns are free agents as of now i get the feeling gerard scott a better chance to be back the john well are you going to while you already heavy rankings out whereas layer fitzgerald see top20 receiver absolute visa he's a number one guy for me pure still now makes sense it's it's pretty unbelievable what he's doing about 1100 yards or so six touchdowns each of the last two seasons for their fitzgerald they end yell top top eight this year and last year believe it was 17th than standard 10th and ppar so two straight years of the top ten wide receiver and ppar also he was pretty involved in the red zone 21 red zone targets eleven thmost in the nfl that includes tied ends at every position only seven targets inside the 10yard line so we'd like to see that go up a little bit our next news item here let's talk about all the offense of coordinators who have been hired and you know for the cold for the giants even for the jets i mean they're just promoting their quarterback coach i'm not sure that much as well you tell me you got you got nick suryadi going from the charges wide receiver coach to the courts offensive coordinator mike shula being hired as the giants offensive coordinator both of those uh both of those teams have offensiveminded head coaches will call the puzzle call the place right so these guys aren't playcallers they're just guys who will do what frank reich dig in philadelphia right the help manage what the game plan is going to be from game to game and dial jeremy bates being promoted from quarterback coach defensive coordinator the jets the axing loser for it because he is going to be the play caller for the dads but israel he's had before okay so i don't i mean this isn't like south we have to crunch and break down the niners signed daino kilgour their center to a threeyear contract extension these steelers will no longer wear the bumblebee uniforms about that the retiring them on him they are off i don't think they liked him either yeah what about the optimis prime uniforms what are those oh probably like that was watching transformers to the.

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