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In late may governor to Santa's just signed a Bill, making it legal to use scooters on city streets. Michael Drake has lawyers are making what a prosecutor calls a mind boggling proposal, drako's lawyers, this week filed a motion in Pinellas county, seeking to have the prosecutors in his case, remove because they came to public pressure when they charged Drako with manslaughter, Drake, a shot and killed marquees mcglockton in Clearwater parking lot last year. The Drako wasn't charged for almost a month, and what he claims was a case of stand. Your ground state attorney, Bernie McCabe, says it's the most ludicrous motion he can remember a man who swore to serve and protect has been arrested accused of sending naked pictures of himself to a nine year old girl in winter haven. Vulcan. Sheriff Grady, Judd says Forty-one-year-old Kansas Sadler that just been hired as an Okaloosa county sheriff's deputy and contacted the girl through an online gaming app. So he goes on this app and he pretends to be eleven year old female by the name of Jade, Jade was not eleven year old female, Jade was an Okaloosa deputy and army ranger retired. Judge says Sadler was grooming. The girl for sexual contact. When the girl's mother found the obscene pictures, she called police Sadler is facing felony charges in both poke and Okaloosa county here, here, the mystery surrounding the discovery of prosthetic ear on a manatee county beach is salt homes beach. Police say the owner of the ear has been identified, he's from North Carolina and apparently noticed in eery resemblance to the one he lost while swimming in the Gulf. They called us this morning, excited had actually been found the year. Discovered in the sand during the world's strongest man competition. Last weekend. The prosthetic ear is not cheap costing around thirty five hundred dollars. Apparently, the state of Florida is a top location for cheating, the website, Ashley Madison, which caters to cheaters has Tampa ranked number nine Saint Petersburg at number eleven Hialeah is number fourteen but the number one city in the country for cheating Orlando. It's eight oh, seven NewsRadio WFL a the S and P five hundred is up eighteen percent. So far this year and powering its way towards its biggest first half since nineteen Ninety-seven stocks surged yesterday for a fourth consecutive day with the SNP rising one percent to its first record since April. But Wall Street seems to be pausing. The rally today, the union for pilots at American Airlines says its members should be getting more time in a Boeing seven thirty-seven max simulator, before the grounded plane returns to service. The union says an earlier requ. For more time on the simulator was rejected by Boeing one after another computer, chip makers are warning that the president's trade war with China is hurting their businesses. I q ease revenue warning is the latest following CIL Tron IX earlier this week and broadcom's last week, IQ shares fell as much as forty percent after the company said revenue would miss expectations for NewsRadio WFL a I'm John Metaxas. With the Bloomberg business update..

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