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Writings. But released more information as we go. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank of Milwaukee. Police chief Alfonzo Morales talking about a fatal car crash involving an off duty police officer had just ended. His shift was heading home to you're a veteran of the force officer coup. Her was killed, apparently by an a suspected drunk driver at the intersection of capital, drive, and sixtieth street, the suspect now in custody, a thirty four year old Milwaukee man, with four OWI convictions in Wisconsin. The latest from me twenty seventeen the suspect actually out on probation for the latest OWI conviction again, two year veteran of the Milwaukee police department with district for officer coup her kill the around one thirty this morning, leaving behind a wife his parents and his siblings, and then also tragedy in Racine county from overnight, where off duty police officer that officer attempting to stop attempted armed. Robbery was shot in killed at this point. That suspect is still at large seven Twenty-three WTMJ. I'm north rookie. I grew up in Glendale, Wisconsin. I went to Nicolay high school. I absolutely loved WTMJ's, Jeff Wagner, parents lived, about three blocks away from Nicolay. So I got to walk to school. I loved everything about growing up in the north shore. I remember walking over the Bayshore shopping centre when I was a kid. I remember when Northridge shopping center opened I spent weekends out there as a kid pretty much everything about the north shore with stuff that I love it was a great place to quote Yar homegrown. WTMJ are you an over thinker? Hi, Rick Elden here, host of the Rick Edelman show right here every weekend.

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