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This is National Native News Antonio Gonzales. The State Tribal Relations Committee is pressuring Montana's congressional delegation to do more to increase public input and tribal consultation on the Keystone Excel pipeline as Olivia rheingold reports. The move comes as the end of the public comment period area for recently updated environmental statement. Nears this state tribal relations committee unanimously adopted a motion Monday to write a letter demanding more meaningful meaningful public comments process on the updated keystone excel pipeline draft environmental impact statement. The letter asks Montana's congressional delegation to put pressure her on the State Department which controls the forty five day public comment period. That is scheduled to end next Monday. The eighteenth there's been one public meeting to discuss the draft left late last month in billings. That's not good enough. According to the letter by the State Tribal Relations Committee bipartisan body of legislators that acts as liaisons John's between the state and tribal governments. It says people who attended didn't have enough of a chance to openly engage in dialogue and provide input it also says tribal consultation has fallen short for the Fort Belknap in Fort Peck tribes which the pipeline would nearly come in contact with Republican congressman. Greg Gianforte and Republican senator. Steve Daines say they look forward to speaking with committee members. A spokesperson for the Democratic Senator Jon Tester says the State Department should solicit further feedback from tribal leaders. The public for national need of news. I'm Olivia wrangled in billings Montana Navajo nation president. Jonathan Nez has decided. The tribe will not financially Ashley back bonds necessary for the purchase of three coal mines by a Navajo owned company Arizona. Public Radio's Ryan Hinds. Reports tribal leaders is worth the investment can negatively impact the tribes finances president says the Navajo Transitional Energy Company hasn't given leaders key financial information about the minds. He also says the tribe should be moving more toward renewables and energy experts questioned the wisdom of the Navajo nation expanding its interests in coal. As the industry industry struggles as a result is cancelled agreements. INTECH might have relied on to seek the tribes financial support in tech is owned by the Navajo nation but operates independently of the tribal government. The company announced in August that it bought three mines in the powder river basin of Wyoming Montana had an auction of the bankrupt cloud peak energy among them is the third largest coal mine in the nation and they collectively employ more than a thousand workers in a statement and intact. Spokesperson says it respects. It's the president's decision and that the company remains profitable while it explores future options in Texas the purchase of the three minds mixed the Navajo nation. The third largest this co-producer in the country for National Native News. I'm Ryan Hinds in flagstaff. This week the Minnesota Supreme Court heard arguments over the name change of Popular Minneapolis. Neapolis Lake the Associated Press reports. The court is considering whether the state's Natural Resources Department had authority to Change Lake. Calhoun to its Dakota name. PAYDAY Makarska Koska. A lower court ruled. The agency overstepped its authority and it should be handled by the legislature. Members of the native community are in support of the name. Change the group Save Lake. Calhoun is fighting it. Signs already reflect. The Lakes Dakota name. A decision by the court is likely to take months. Meanwhile public public input has been gathered for the renaming for part of the Minnesota landmark for smelling which resides undecoded homeland. The Minnesota Historical Society has received more than six thousand comments for the renaming of twenty three acres known as historic smelling. The name of the eighteen twenties. Fort Structure will remain for smelling. The site is being revitalized and slated to be finished next year. I'm Antonio Gonzalez. National Native News is produced by Colonic Broadcast Corporation with funding by the corporation for public broadcasting support by Freedom Lodge inviting you to join the two hundred our intertribal historical trauma masterclass masterclass twenty twenty to learn remedies for recovery on the ONEIDA nation in Wisconsin. Training has no charge for tribal members at freedom lunch dot org support by the National American Indian Housing Counselors 2019. Legal Symposium at Bali's resort in Las Vegas December ninth and Tenth Information and registration at N. A. H. C. Dot net slash legal native voice. One the native American radio network. This is native America calling. I'm Tara Gatewood. It is the official official rock. Your mcstay it's an international celebration of native culture. In pride by wearing are indigenous footwear. This year marks eight years since founder. Rounder Jessica Jalen at sea from Laguna Pueblo. Started the phenomena on social media. It started as one day encouraging people to come to work or school in traditional footwear. But it's expanded to a week in many schools and organizations are taking the opportunity to include special programming in conjunction with with native American heritage month. And maybe there is an event that is kicking off this week today. Maybe you started off the week wearing your moccasins and or traditional footwear. And what kind of attention has it brought has given you that moment to speak a little bit about your own pride in your culture sure to pay tribute to those who sacrifice so that you could be here and understand who you are as an indigenous person today we want you to call in talk all about it Join US today as we celebrate native heritage as we walk her monks. And Right. Now I wanNa let you know here in studio forty nine. There are three Pairs Of moccasins before these microphones and we understand what it means to step into our moccasins. In what it connects us to and and you're gonNA hear a little bit of that coming up here But again you are invited to join us to Whether you're mocks or made a with hard soles or maybe even With a certain element that is natural to your own community maybe even lined with for you are welcome to join us and join the celebration today. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number where you call in and share your moccasins story. Tell us why you you are rocking your mocks. One eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is the number in right here in studio forty nine with us today. Miss Jessica Jalen at sea and she is the founder of rock your mocks she's Laguna Pueblo. And it's our pleasure to have her here in. Most people know her as Jess. Just thank you so so much for being with us. Welcome in go ahead in a greeting folks gorgeous. They Hopefu- I how are y'all doing today. skits Bahira. Come back again and talk about rocking mocks. And how much it has really grown and also here in Studio forty-nine with us is Melissa Melissa Sanchez She is a producer with emergence productions she is from Alabama Pueblo and Laguna Pueblo. Our pleasure to have her here in-studio forty-nine today to Melissa thank you for being here thanks for having us here really excited in so jalen eight years. That doesn't seem like a long time since I remember the first conversation with you About wearing Your moccasins and Y. You wanted to do this and now here we are. For the past eight years the hashtags start rockier mucks And then even more heritage It comes out with some of those hashtags needed pride native heritage and it's grown in and I wonder if we were to just tally up every time somebody is posting Their pride in their traditions Through this event in through this week how many people we would hear and when we start looking at some we're also learning people's stories and so talk to me about everything that you have absorbed from that first moment that I Post on social media. Go ahead tell me more every year I. It's like a good overwhelming. Feeling that you know I just take shape on my feet one day and wanted to wear my moccasins amongst my friends and people wanted to know what I was doing and it just became in this huge like a lit up like fire and Not knowing that were Iraq earmarks is going to take you know what it stood for what it stands for today.

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