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Correct. David i mean my job. It's kind of pick nature's this point. So i mean that's my guy. That's my quarterback to my guy. I'll be on. You're chugging team will help them out back here on the rich eisen show eight four four two four rich number two dollars show to bra. David bacteria's last appearance on the show a couple years ago. We had him on when he was shot. Gonna beers across from aaron rodgers. Who had trouble doing that. at a bucks game now. The bucks are champions and nobody cares. What aaron rodgers drunken extent though. If it's on a draft nine you know so adding where are you taking rogers and fantasy. Last year there was a lot of unknown with him and he slipped way down. I am not taking any quarterbacks. In the first three rounds of fantasy on their names the homes. Or what have you. I've learned my lesson. I have learned my lesson so we'll talk more fantasy next week. I'm bold really start diving into that. We're thinking about that. Think fast champion. The bit to give us a belt a championship belt from a couple years ago. With the allison chain really allies like actual in actual now belt championship belt for us to display here. Cool Where's brian from honor from chicago ryan and chicago. You're on the rich brian. Rich how are you what's going on. What's on your mind sir. I have to tell you guys just have fantastic show between us. Dan and it just makes the days go by quitting. I appreciate that means a lot. That you You mentioned dan before us to right here on peacock right here on siriusxm to all good love it. So the three three gentlemen. What do they all have in common. Of course they're all quarterbacks in the nfl toy aikman yes. drew bledsoe. Joe's heisman trying to see all right. They all left. The nfl. Who has never been in. My kitchen absorb going on. You know what else what they had to leave the nfl due to injury and they were at the time all playing. Quite well okay. It's all my point in saying this. Is that if i was the gm. I would have the number. Two quarterback is maybe like definitely in my top ten when it came to positions. Because there's just too many people in an organization that are relying on that backup quarterback to take the reins if somebody you know if the guy ahead of them gets hurt. No so what. I'm trying to say is so much of this. Discussion has been about like aaron rodgers. Not being happy about jordan loved. I think obviously the issue has been communication but in terms of the general strategy. If i was an owner in my gm wasn't picking a guy that could take us into the playoffs and maybe even win the super bowl. I would i agree with you. Brian to the issue is the differences. Though is you need to have somebody that can do that for you in the year. In which you're you have him on the roster not to have him there under a construct that will crawl cause you to ditch your your your longtime starter because you got to see what you have in this person to maybe have. Long term tenure. I mean that. That's the that's the difference between having a nick foles for carson wentz or having jordan love for for an aaron rodgers having somebody viable who can take you still to the promised land if disaster strikes. I appreciate the call. The disaster strikes to your quarterback i. I'm with you. I would definitely make sure that that person can do it. It's like insurance do you need. Dnr that position so valuable. So you know so Here's another story from the pro football hall fame weekend that i haven't told you guys have been sitting on this with you guys. Have it mentioned it because we just did a whole segment about numbers being the time of the speeches and how they were shorter this year. But i still think just as memorable and terrific. So the party scene yeah. I didn't really get into all that much to be honest with you. Because i just coming off of cova wasn't into the idea of socializing very much very very honest with you. I didn't want to be one of those guys. I was already one of the you know breakthrough cases. I didn't want to be one of those. I god forbid that suddenly. Oh yeah you you can get it right away again with this delta variant setting. Go out very much. But i did on occasion. I did go to one dinner and two parties k. And the one dinner into parties were just stuff that i just wanted to go to and also felt obligated to go to and and and i wanted to be there charles. Woodson invited me to his party. How come right and peyton. Manning invited me to his party. Do you gotta do it. So i did it and the question is how did i do it for the first time. I know for the first time in well over a year. I got into an.

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