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Well sage wants to know do you happen to know if there are any websites over sources that list ww dc adjacent activities in the post i have used an app called potties fidel wdc which kind of gets updated as it gets a little bit closer to the time and then i think throughout the week of like events and may tops and live shows and stuff that are occurring it looks like dep is coming back there was a there was a number one cool wdc parties which finished in twenty seventeen the app is no longer being updated anymore believe that resources is done with but it looks like from the release notes of this of this party's app that it is at twenty eight teen is is coming they know and so they will be stuff going in the i've used it in the pasta and i really like it it's nice and simple but gives you an idea of some of the stuff that's going on great and i will just know as well one of those events is really live all comp tickets small amount of tickets are still available lincoln show if you wanna come ncis do a life show on wednesday june david is written into say the months of this is where i love it the months of july august september october and november spell out jason jason did you know this yes of course i knew this awesome it's amazing i'll also point out that my initials are j a s that's right my initials are the first three letters of my name.

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