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No idea because I'm not sure it's that fastening. So go ahead. Is anybody still awake out there? If if you go back to a year ago, and we were having this discussion or maybe a little bit more than a year ago. What the win when John skipper was around. I was going to bet that the SPN was gonna walk away from the NFL that they didn't see as as something that they really wanted. They were they were focused on growing sports like like, the NBA or or soccer of some sort one of the soccer leagues. But since Jimmy Petar came on board, the first thing that he wanted to do repair the relationship with the NFL we're seeing that the we're seeing that now with ABC going all for the NFL draft. I mean, I'm really interested to see how they how they do the NFL draft. I think that Kimmy the main thing has been to repair relationship. I think that their their schedule that they have the next Monday night is you know, probably better than they've had. In previous years. It still is the cable schedule. So it doesn't compare Sunday football. But it's it's a pretty pretty decent schedule with you know, good rivalry game. I DAL giants. Like, they have good sort of rivalry games in there. And I just think the difference this year, and we're ESPN is what you just said, they'll pay whatever it takes to get the Super Bowl skipper ESPN. They wouldn't have paid whatever it takes the Super Bowl. They would've had that. They would have that they had the leverage in the NFL show ABC to carry the Super Bowl that at some point. So it really is an interesting switch that's happened with with those two. The the the ESPN sort of POV and approached the NFL has changed dramatically. I think they did that obviously for business reasons. We'll see if they can sort still navigate that line between journalism on the NFL. And and being you know, an NFL rightsholder so far they've done a pretty good job. But we'll see we'll see what happens when that package know when that package comes up it the NFL the NFL bidding is going to be really really interesting to me, Johnny. You did mention the draft. That's my piece this week for the athletes, and I think they're going to do a great job on the draft..

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