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Fisher building this is the great voice of the great lakes seven sixty wjr detroit ripley three degrees at seven o'clock i'm dick hafner wjr news a dog who was on board a delta flight from detroit to denver began barking as the plane was coming in for a landing and smoke was coming through the vents the first one that well she started working started marking before everybody else smelled it but i knew right away something was wrong stella didn't like the smell neither did other passengers on delta flight eighteen fifty four one hundred fifty three passengers got off that plane on the exit slides before the plane got to the gate delta says some of them may have suffered smoke inhalation delta is not saying what may have caused the smoke the search continues today for the bodies of young girls in a field mccomb township on the list of possible victims twelve year old kimberly king missing from warren since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine the dig was prompted by recent interviews with arthur ream a confessed rapist and murderer up thirteen year old cindy sars icky of east point in one thousand nine hundred eighty six that led police to this site where he buried the body ream was already in prison for the rape of a teen girl now he's doing a life in prison police suspect that rim also killed other girls the sister of kimberly king is anxious to get an answer this sheer saturation that i've seen in the last two days has led me to believe that this might be the last best chance who spoke to channel seven warren fire is up to seen above fire on albina in the south part of worn and what they say is a marijuana grow house explosions at a home in mccomb township sparked a large fire which destroyed that house near m fifty nine and card rose very loud i've seen like a propane tanks flying out of the garage and then all of a sudden the whole house was an fire in a second nobody was hurt van buren township police officers and firefighters worked for hours after a grinding crash that left three people dead at belleville and ekos roads highspeed causing that chainreaction wreck results from tuesday's school millage elections and wayne county a bond issue failed.

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