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Goes to the cancer and later on. We just had this gut feeling between each other. When something occurred in our life the other one was there and later he had a boy get killed because he ran into a guy wire to telephone pole and killed him and he told me about it and in the morning he was in dubois pennsylvania in the morning on these forge and when dad died. You've surprised hugh nolan. We just have. We just have this bond that that people like i. Maybe that haven't lost children understand you just i. I don't know we just many things we were. We liked each other He was the first grown man that i ever told that i loved because he he said that to me. I and i don't know we just have this terribly close bond but we don't hang out. It's just amazing. It just seems like it takes a tragedy for us to get together. But he's just he's been right there and and because of what happened to his boy I was up there one time and his dad called us into his office. Dad cletus was just really good to me and he said he wanted. Greg quit racing because he was on the losing family members you know. He said he didn't want something happened. Yeah so they said Cepeda said Greg what should we are. Greg said if you want me to quit racing what do you want me to do with all our stuff. And he says well. Why don't we give that to your friend in south carolina and they gave me his racecar. A spare motor yoenis. Spring gun misfired. Probably got way over a hundred springs gears wheels and tires and sway bars. He just gave me a multitude of things that continue my career. He's just gave it to him. Gave it to absolutely gave it to me. Wow i have. I don't have the worse to that guy. You take a break. Yeah all right. So steve try. This one on for size will krahn cry. Went to work for any parsons in late. Nineteen seventy early nineteen seventy-one somewhere in there for one hundred dollars a week and he was working a hundred hours a week on. Rick i gotta tell you when i started my journalism career in martinsville. I was managing a hundred and six dollars a week. But i sure wouldn't working a hundred hours. That was something else i just had. I had a shiver go down westbound. Albany buddy work for that little pay for that much work. I don't know. But i guess it was worth it. He was working in nascar. Now from binny's will win over to serve as the crew. Chief for joe for sun and steve not taste seventy-three winston five hundred at talladega. Joe gets involved in a big wreck and he comes in and he wants we'll to repair the carpet new windshield in. And we'll in the window and hey can see four inches.

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