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I don't know what you're thinking and I kinda like that keeps it fun the OS T. H. T. T. Orange County live on the I heart radio I I'm Mary Kay core study line from the K. five twenty four hour news room a father and son had been killed in the crash of a small plane near Sacramento the placer county sheriff's office as the plane crashed in a golf course yesterday morning shortly after taking off from the Auburn airport a woman in central California has been killed in an accident at the del Rey packing company dehydrator officials say the woman was processing raisins yesterday morning when some of her loose clothing caught caught in a machine co workers say she died almost immediately LA county has started warning massage parlors about new regulations proposed to fight human trafficking Brenda Lopez with Allie county health says if the rules are approved shops would have to meet several requirements by July requirements for a public health permit and a business license requirements for massage tables and Sam cessation of linens prohibiting advertising of unsolicited services and requiring that the notice be posted regarding slavery in human trafficking Lopez says annual inspections could start early this year county supervisors will consider the regulations next week a few dozen people have rallied in west LA to repeal a new law that forces companies to reclassify independent contractors as employees here Davis is a freelance writer and editor at large for the conservative blog red states he says the law known as a B. five is impacted her life I have an assistant that I had to let go because of a B. five I can no longer pay her legally she said she had a foreman LLC just to keep her own job here soon Mortensen is also a writer she says gig to become harder to find this bill is so complicated and so complex that they become very risk averse they become really nervous about working with California resources to this crowd is targeting lawmakers and the governor to push a repeal I felt like two police officers in Columbus Ohio have been fired and two others suspended in connection with the arrest of porn actress stormy Daniels ABC's Ryan Burroughs says the fired vice officers Stephen roster and Whitney Lancaster improperly arrested Daniels in two thousand eighteen rosters accused of lying to authorities claiming he went to the adult club to investigate a possible underage dancer named pearl but no actual search was conducted the documents also claim roster and Lancaster's action for the club were significantly different than at other strip clubs they've investigated Daniels was busted on a rarely enforced misdemeanor charge of making physical contact with undercover officers.

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