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People who were close to West Rave about what a loyal friend she was, and that was the same thing with Eddie. Murray, but you didn't get that from the outside. Looking in that this was such a compassionate caring guy. was that the same thing with Jason Worth? I now taking worth who's just an asshole you but to tease teammates didn't think that. No it's teammates didn't think that I I. Don't get the same impression that's as the word was beloved by everybody by by the janitors who worked at at the stadium, like West was by. You know the the lowest worker at the arena. Yeah? You know one of the things when I had fill on and I. You know you and I had fill on and I know. We've had these conversations in the past, but you know. Elvin was not Elvin was difficult. You know in like of of of that. You know of those three guys like there was the era of the. Before Bobby Dandridge got on the team. Where was three stars? You know the bullets had Elvin Hayes Wes unseld and Phil. Chenier you know all three were stars Phil. Chenier was a star. You know in the NBA, and then when Phil started have have the back problems. Bobby Dandridge was signed and. They WanNA title obviously very because they added Bobby Dandridge, he was the key missing piece. In those title teams in the title team in the team that lost in the NBA Finals and seventy nine, but but the you know. Wes was beloved to your point Elvin was really difficult in elven had problem with everybody fill, and and wes but Phil Phil. said that you know. When they got on the court, it was all business it was all professional and Elvin was a major pro, said the biggest problem with Elvin Hayes. He was very insecure. You know and he you know he just he. He felt like he never was getting enough. Credit and people. Were you know thought? Thought more highly of other players than him, but anyway this is about wes unseld rest in peace Wes unseld, one of the greatest really one of the greatest sports figures players in the history of this town. He's a champion. He's a legend. He's considered one of the fifty greatest players in the history of his sport and then obviously his post career as both coach and general manager didn't go quite as well. You know here now. They're always today. I've always talked about that the second act when they go bed. You have a generation of fans that grow up with that as the impression and I always a disappointment. You know it happened with my Flanagan in Baltimore. it's it's happened to some extent with with Doug Williams. Yeah Yeah. Definitely although he didn't have, Doug never had the control over the organization at West did. You know by the way one other quick thing I mean the relationship between Poland Wes unseld was truly. You know according to people that knew you talked about loyalty. Boy Was West's loyalty, Poland and vice versa father and son relationship. Yeah, it really was. Yeah? I mean if people who knew West. Where very loyal to him. It's like the people who knew Eddie. Murray were very loyal to him and outsider didn't get that. They just didn't get that. By the way, the other quick thing about West unseld. For his entire career, he was listed as six foot seven and I remember that sort of like Barclay because Bar Barclay also was listed as six six or six seven, but he wasn't sick. Seven I think West's even admitted this at what some point that he was much closer to six five that it was a program height, but think about that he was. Listed, at six, seven played center, he was a true center in the NBA. That is incredibly short to be a center, but he was such a wide body. And have it. You know you know that at at the basketball guru and I'm being serious. Here I mean I'm being serious actually. rebounding is not about height. No, no, it's! It's about timing position and and smart. and effort. In basketball rebound! saw. Is, as much about heart effort, as it is about other things, but yes technique positioning all of that not to mention. He had great hands. Great hands for a bigger you know less mobile kind of player anyway so wes unseld passed away got on unjust. Never forget those. It's a sad. It's a sad day for. Sports fans do I mean because I mean what fa I mean. It's another Kevin. It's another chapter gone in both of our live. Yeah I mean I don't like to think of it. Don't but. I am surprised. I really was surprised to learn that he was only seventy four years old. Did you know I mean? Didn't you think he was older than that? I'd never gave it much thought,.

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