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The senate house together democrats republicans is the put a sense of urgency on this issue at eleven the last eleven years three times good intention people wellintended people have failed at this process i believe right nail this president is not going to allow that to happen is bring a sense of urgency we've got to make sure that these four topics her conversations limited these four topics but make sure we get something done i want to thank the president i wanna thank the leaders of the house in the senate the republicans to the democrats i got here to uh today together and we we had a very productive conversation at the beginning of a negotiation that is going to get us i think down the road to solving the immigration issue the first of the united states was was elected for one simple reason he said that he was going to keep america safe and he was going to make america strong again whatever we do with the immigration system we need to make sure that we put the american people first that we ensure that future generations don't have to deal with this issue once again and that we would forward so we can solve the immigration issues we can modernize immigration system and we can do what's necessary to make sure that we have a twentyfirst century immigration system so the people that we need in the united states can come to the united states and we can keep those people out that we do not one in the united states heroins i don't wanna do not believe that you send you a narrow the topics but when you made the my putter border security legal immigration and illegal immigration is almost sounds like opera go go ahead plebiscite there there's a lot of topics for it's illegal immigration that we didn't write for about talking about h one b visas rates way or h to be there's a lot of issues that are not on the table for the speakership check migrations on their because this directly implicated by giving legal status to the daca population you allow them to create a new chain but there are a lot of topics in immigration that are not going the eleven let me be clear here the one thing that the president talked about if you wanna do overall immigration form which he's not opposed to heaters thanks because.

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