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Focused on nine catches for eighty three yards. And the eagles went on Monday night. Carson Wentz improves to three in one in his career on Monday night football ESPN analyst booger McFarland. This eagles offense last year for much of the year until once got hurt. What's spectacular? They're not there yet. But how close do you feel that they are getting as we head into this most important part of the season. Well, I think they're getting really close with two things. I think when you look at the running game and what Josh Adams is bringing it's a physical downhill running game. Remember, that's what they had last year. When ahead Jay Ajayi in legare blunt, those tough physical yards because that sets up the play action. There are PEOs. Now, you can hit is down the field. And I think the second thing is the quarterback is getting more comfortable and more healthy and they have to push the ball down the field. And once they do that. Now, the explosively to this offense can come back. We're starting to see it. It's not there yet. But you can see the pieces as they start to morph together. Yeah. Clean up a couple of red zone turnovers and even more comfortable victory tonight. Now, you saw Dallas before they really flip the switch and turned into what they have become that that lost at Tennessee since then they've been excellent. You just saw Philadelphia as I mentioned. Moment ago, they face off now with a month ago. Four games left who do you like best in the NFC east Dallas, I think because of their defense in the way, the defense is playing if you look at this Adelphia ego defense they play last week's got it. They didn't have the top five corners. They lost number six in the game that defensive backfield has been decimated. I think on the other side of the Cowboys rod Marinelli Christmas short. They have that defense playing at a high level. And I think they showed America one of my most proud moments. They showed America that defense steel live the way they destroyed the New Orleans Saints last Thursday night. And I think if that defense along with Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott, and now he hasn't number one wide receiver in Amari Cooper that formula put together I like the Cowboys because they're healthier. And I think there are more complete team right now. Dallas in Washington both game behind a Washington and Philadelphia both the game behind Dallas in the NFC east week fourteen. Sees Washington host the giants. Philly plays at Dallas. Sportscenter allnight, ESPN radio time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no contracts. It was an incident that happened last winter the video came out last week. And Kareem hunt was released immediately on the heels of the release of that video this weekend. He had sat down with our Lisa Saulters. So so what happened take me back to that night? I understand this occurred in the hallway of your residents in Cleveland back in February this year what what happened. Honestly, it just. It was a long night. And to be exact it don't really matter. What happened? I was in her own. I could've you know, took responsibility. And you know, made the right decision to find a way to deescalate the whole situation. I think it does matter that we need to hear from you. How you got to that point? What happened? It was definitely some things that were said and did that I did not like. And that's not an excuse is not. I want that person in the video did not deserve that. I didn't mean to hurt anybody or anything like that is really tough. It's tough. Because like I feel like a let a lotta people down. And I just really want to apologize to everybody that she's organization my family and close friends cream. We've all seen the videos and you've seen the videos. I think it's fair to say that many would say that those images they speak for themselves. What what is there for you to say? I'm definitely not that type of person and a mother raised.

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